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Can you think of a negative reason for a coastal resort in Aruba?

by Occidental Grand Aruba

Question by Nichole: Can you think of a negative reason for a coastal resort in Aruba?
I’m doing a group project and we decided to place a coastal resurt in Aruba and did our research to support it and to turn our resort into a “green resort” (recycled products, water energy, etc..) but can you think of any reasons why it would be bad to have it here? or any concerns as a guest (or an invester) you may have?

thanks!!… we have to present this to our class and then the class (acting as potential visitors and investors) will have to ask us questions and we are trying to get ready for any and all questions.
thanks!! a lot of those we have already addressed so that makes me feel a little better about our presentation… it is for a meteorology class and we already have to explain all of the weather related concerns and that is also why we have to “go green”

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Answer by smotmd
My first question without knowing the landscape of Aruba is what does the surrounding community think of the resort?

What would it bring to the local economy? Jobs security? tax income for Aruba? how much?

How do guests get in and out? Excess people traffic always creates more issues..infrastructure capabilities, demand on local resources, etc.
Your resort may be ‘green’ but it still affects the surrounding community and economy.

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Caribbean vacation getaways?

Question by Lost…i think: Caribbean vacation getaways?
I am looking into taking a vacation later this year to the caribbean, but am unable to find what it is exactly that I am looking for. I am trying to find a little resort/”hideaway”, the kind you see on tv and such which is comprised mainly of a small number of secluded individual little huts or something. Something that provides a lot of privacy but a great beach/ocean view. If anyone knows of anything like this anywhere in the caribbean, particularly aruba, it would be helpful. Also, if anyone knows of anything of particular interest and/or places to stay I would be interested in that two. Linked websites would be appreciated.

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Answer by gilbert v
I know one, rather private with a tremendous view at the
bay and the Atlantic ocean for more info:
or contact

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