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My boyfriend of almost four years left Wednesday for a vacation to Cocoa Beach Florida. They were visiting family in Rockledge for two days (stayed at the families house two of the nights) then off to Cocoa Beach. He told me I could not go. The only problem I have is that EVERYvacation I have gone on with my family (cancun/disney/shore) I have included him. We have been dating four years now! I would think I should be included in a family trip if he came on everyone of mine. I am not clingy, so please don’t say that. I just am hurt that he wanted to obviously go without me, but expects to be included this spring on my next vacation because in his words “the bahamas is different, its a resort”. He started an argument with me about that right before he left. Now I don’t know what to do when he gets back. He knew I wanted to come, and at 24 years old we could have just stayed at a nearby hotel if I was not welcome in the family house. His family likes me so I think it was an excuse to just relax/go out alone without me. His mom knows we stay in hotels all the time and she never had a problem. He tried to give me flowers before he left as if to say “here you take these flowers and be quiet and I will go to cocoa beach and leave your ass home” I am upset he still feels he should come with me on vacation in the spring because it’s “a resort”. Cocoa beach is not exactly a boring place to be!! And if his mom did say “no girlfriend” I feel at 24 he should have said “then I am not coming mom, because my girlfriend takes me on every one of her family trips”.

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Answer by awommack
just tell him

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We will be cruising into Freeport Bahamas and was wondering will we be able to see the “Atlantis Resort” ?????

by WaveBreaker

Question by thebox_thevs: We will be cruising into Freeport Bahamas and was wondering will we be able to see the “Atlantis Resort” ?????
Was hoping they would be a way to get there from Freeport? WOULD LOVE TO GO TO THE RESORT FOR THE DAY…

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Answer by MomSezNo
Atlantis is in Nassau. Unless the ship has an excursion to visit Atlantis, I wouldn’t advise it. Check the “excursions” section at your cruise line’s website.

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Q&A: Cheap Romantic Getaway?

Question by Jamie Lee: Cheap Romantic Getaway?

My fiance and I are looking to spend our X-mas/New Years on a romantic getaway somewhere this year but we’re on a tight budget. We’re hoping to spend less than $ 800. Originally we planned on taking a cruise to the Bahamas but the cost of a fllight to the departure port plus cruise costs and expeneses totaled well over $ 1000 =( so now we’re open to all options. We live in the New York City area and are open to traveling anywhere on the east coast. We search for some “Couples Resorts” in the Poconos in PA but booking a room for 3 nights easily went over our budget as well. Does anyone have any suggestions for a romantic getaway someplace?

Thanks Alot!

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Answer by Geology Rock Star
Look for a cheap flight to Florida

Don’t go to the Poconos, it will be too cold to be enjoyable

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