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Why isn’t Barbados commercialized?

by Corvair Owner

Question by Shark datrican: Why isn’t Barbados commercialized?
There really isn’t any ” brand resorts ” or anything like that. Why is this?

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Answer by ♥Bajan Princess♥
I beg to differ a bit, yes Barbados does not have all the brand resorts etc but we still have a few ‘brands’. We have TGI Friday,We are getting a Subway, We have KFC as well as New York Pizza. We have the Hilton Hotel and we are getting a Four seasons.
Barbados does not need to have these outside companies to flourish because we can do well without them. We have our own products and ‘brands’ that are pushed on a local level. We have good local restaurants such as Cheffette, Pizza Man Doc,Big Johns,Johnnos Pizza among many others.
We also have 1st class hotels here such as Sandy Lane. We also have many other great hotels here that are not ‘brand’ hotels.
Although we do not have an Old Navy store or Aeropostale and those other brand stores we still have their products sold in boutiques and stores…I do not think we are missing anything really. We do not have all the brand hotels etc but we are still very much on the map and really considered a special island.

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