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What do you think of the new farm bill just passed by the house?

by ChadScott

Question by Love of Truth: What do you think of the new farm bill just passed by the house?
“A farm couple will be allowed to earn up to $ 2.5 million a year before government payments are cut off under new rules that lawmakers called a major reform. An urban couple applying for food stamps is cut off at $ 17,808 in income and may own only one car.”

“The payments go to a minority of farmers of a few crops and are highly concentrated among the biggest operations. Nine of every 10 farmers in California do not get crop subsidies.”

“The bill will force the federal government to sell parts of the Green Mountain National Forest to a Vermont ski resort.”

“The bill would allow farmers to break virgin prairie and still collect subsidies and crop insurance. It also includes a $ 3.8 billion permanent disaster program that will bail out farmers plowing marginal land.”

“It doesn’t matter how marginal the land…You will be insured that you will not lose money…very newly plowed acre will release between 45 and 54 tons of carbon dioxide…”

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Answer by Jim
This money drain is something all the Presidential Candidates want. In Portland Oregon over 90 people get a check within the city limits and have no crops at all.

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oh boy hate mail begins….?

Question by scarredangel22: oh boy hate mail begins….?
i listen to all genres of music and (in my opinion) several bands have changed their style of music completely and everyone hates them now. did you ever like ANY songs from ages ago before these bands were popular?

1.Nickelback-what happened to “leader of men”
2.My Chemical Romance- good group at one time with “helena”
3.Papa Roach-oh how i loved “last resort”
4.Staind-“mudshovel” one of the best at that time
5.Velvet Revolver-from “Slither” to sappy
6.Incubus-from “pardon me” to….see the new stuff is so bad i can’t even remember the name
7.The Eagles-weren’t they considered rock at one time? via “hotel california”?

if you can name any others please feel free!!
i couldn’t agree more wtfever! i loved evans blue at one time, but what the hell is up with the new cd? “caught a lite sneeze”?? what kind of a song title is that!

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Answer by GK Dub
I liked Nickelback, Staind, Incubus and Velvet Revolver back when their first albums came out. I still like them, but yes, a couple of those groups have gone ballad-happy.

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Q&A: What do you think about illegal aliens in jail getting better treatment than American-born inmates?

by zampano!!!

Question by †♥Goddess JR†♥Native †♥Pride†♥: What do you think about illegal aliens in jail getting better treatment than American-born inmates?
Jails for illegals become ‘Club Fed’ paradise
Opulent lifestyle of art, dance, movie nights, hanging plants, fresh carrot sticks
By Chelsea Schilling
© 2010 WorldNetDaily

The Obama administration is looking to change the way illegal aliens are housed in America by giving them a kinder, gentler, “Club Fed” resort-style life of luxury complete with art classes, movie nights, bingo, e-mail, unmonitored phone lines, continental breakfast, hanging plants and fresh carrot sticks.

An internal Immigration and Customs Enforcement e-mail dated May 27 revealed many “low-risk” illegal-alien detainees will also enjoy “free movement,” “relaxed security measures,” elimination of “lockdowns” and expanded visiting hours, the Houston Chronicle reported.

Nine taxpayer-funded locations – in Texas, New Jersey, Arizona, Georgia and California – will each receive makeovers “softening the look of the facility.” The centers are owned and operated by the private prison company Corrections Corporation of America.

According to the report, ICE officials said the makeover is part of a larger effort to make immigration detention less penal and more humane.

However, ICE union leaders warn the overhaul will put agents, guards and detainees at risk and increase the costs for taxpayers. Tre Rebstock, president of Houston ICE union Local 3332 told the paper the plan would be like creating “an all-inclusive resort” for illegal-alien detainees.

“Our biggest concern is that someone is going to get hurt,” he said, warning that relaxing restrictions on movement of “low-risk” detainees and elimination of pat-down searches would threaten the safety of officials and detainees and allow contraband and weapons into facilities.

Rebstock explained that detainees can be designated low-risk because they don’t have a serious criminal record yet, but he warned that they may be gang members that “haven’t been caught doing anything wrong yet.”

The transformation is scheduled to begin within 30 days, according to ICE.

Other modifications include:

* allowing visitors to stay as long as they like in a 12-hour period

* providing a manager so the illegal-alien detainees can report problems

* letting “low-risk” detainees wear their own civilian clothing

* more variety in dining menus and self-serve beverage and fresh vegetable bars

* four hours or more of recreation “in a natural setting, allowing for robust aerobic exercise”

* improving look of facilities by requiring plants, fresh paint and new bedding in “low-risk” units.

ICE’s 2010 detention guidelines mandate that detainees have access to outdoor recreation or large recreation rooms with access to equipment and sunlight. Detainees may request facility transfers. Dayrooms must offer board games, television and other sedentary activities.

Illegal aliens are served two hot meals a day and given the opportunity to participate in a voluntary work program for pay.

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Answer by Unknown
Even though they are considered criminals, it’s not like the low risk illegals are going around killing, raping people.

You’re talking about the drug cartels. Do you think that the illegals that come here to work want to get in trouble so they could just get deported?

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Briefly summarize the steps in the peer mediation process.?

Question by sillionw14: Briefly summarize the steps in the peer mediation process.?
CLREP Welcomes You!

Peer Conflict Mediation
School Conflict Mediation
Getting Started
The CLREP Mediation Model
How Does The Mediation Process Work?
Peer Conflict Mediation Objectives

School Conflict Mediation
In our education and school systems today, every teacher must play many different roles, the most obvious being that of instructor with a solid background in a chosen field. Unfortunately, one of the roles that teachers must also assume is that of behavioral manager and disciplinarian. Misbehavior, disruptive behavior and student conflict demand much of our teachers’ time. These interruptions rob students of the kind of learning environment conducive to achievement and steal instructional time from teachers. The problem is not new. In recent years, some thoughtful and innovative methods for dealing with school conflict have come into existence and are having remarkable success. One program that has made great strides in minimizing student conflict is Peer Conflict Mediation and Resolution. The concept is deceptively simple: students act as mediators in the resolution of conflicts between their own classmates. Informal methods of having peers confront and resolve conflict have been used with success by individual teachers for some time. The idea of a formal, school-wide peer mediation program is, however, somewhat innovative. What is it about mediation that makes it so popular and successful? In traditional reaction to student conflict, arbitrary and punitive solutions were often used to solve conflict. For example, if two students were involved in a fight, they typically would be sent to an administrator for disciplinary action. Suspensions would be likely (which are recorded on students’ permanent records), parents would be summoned, and perhaps further punishment would be meted out. After suspensions, students often return bitter, angry, bent on revenge and, worse yet, days behind in their classwork. In mediation, suspensions for misconduct are the last resort, and many conflicts are resolved through mutually agreeable solutions rather than punishment. Although mediation is not, nor is it intended to be, a panacea for all conflicts, it can be used effectively with a variety of controversies.
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School Conflict Mediation is an outgrowth of the neighborhood Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) programs which came into existence in the mid 1970s to help community members seek solutions to problems aside from formal court proceedings. Today, ADR programs are active in most major American cities and other advocates include members of the judiciary, law enforcement officers, and community leaders who act as the primary agents in resolving diverse conflict. This “court of first resort” has had great success. In the late 1970s and early 1980s, mediation programs found their way into school systems in southern California, Hawaii and New York. The University of Southern California aided in establishing programs aimed at reducing gang violence. Many people were surprised with the success that trained gang leaders were having in mediating problems without violence and reducing the number of students injured due to violence in school settings. The key to the success of school mediation is an increased feeling that students can make a difference and can control conflict and confrontation. As mediation programs are coming into being throughout our nation’s school systems, educators are claiming that the 3 R’s of education are now becoming the 4 Rs, i.e., “RESOLUTION” is coming into its own.
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Getting Started
Schools considering a peer conflict mediation initiative must first determine whether there is an interest and commitment to initiating such a project. Secondly, they must evaluate the most common conflicts seen in their school and determine if mediation can be used to resolve them. Once agreement is reached on the types of controversy that are appropriate for mediation, schools can contact CLREP and planning can begin for a school-based initiative. Once negotiations are complete, the initiative begins with introducing mediation to the student body at large. A variety of methods can be employed, such as guest speakers at student assemblies, question and answer sessions, or brochures and other printed material. One approach used during the pilot project was to introduce peer mediation via social studies classes with three classroom periods devoted to conflict and anger, communication, and the mediation process. Students who are interested in becoming mediators are then recruited and the training workshop is scheduled. The training itself emphasizes communication and questioning techniques, understanding anger and conflict, and role playing the mediation process. Once the training is complete and a mediation site in the school has been designated, the program is ready to be implemented. The impact of mediation is displayed in the positive reaction from schools and is having a profound effect on the lives of our young people. The benefits will be seen in years to come as the students of today take on the roles of adult citizens with the ability to resolve conflict in a non-adversarial manner.
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The CLREP Mediation Model
The Citizenship Law-Related Education Program of the Maryland State Bar Association and the Maryland State Department of Education developed Peer Mediation as a direct response to the stated needs of Maryland schools which requested an alternative to the traditional disciplinary methods. A great deal of preliminary research was done to find the common elements of other successful programs, which were then incorporated into the Maryland Model of Conflict Mediation. The Maryland Model incorporates these three key elements into all school based initiatives.
All students in the school are aware of the program as a viable alternative to traditional disciplinary sanctions.
Students who are selected as mediators represent a cross-section of the school’s population. The mediators are not viewed as members of an elite club.
Teachers, administrators, students and parents are involved in the project’s planning, training and implementation. This helps to enhance commitment and to ensure the success of the program.
Based upon our initial pilot project in 1991 and evaluation data gathered from participating schools since that time, the CLREP Peer Conflict Mediation model includes the following four phases:
Phase I: NEGOTIATION/PRE-PLANNING: School/sponsoring agency requests CLREP consultation to design an initiative.
Phase II: PLANNING AND ORIENTATION: Planning, information sharing and recruitment for school involvement.
Phase III: PEER MEDIATION TRAINING: Focus on understanding the importance of anger, conflict and communication in the mediation process. Mediation skill training for students and staff design of the specific school plan for implementation
Phase IV: IMPLEMENTATION: School implements Peer Mediation Initiative with CLREP technical assistance and follow-up consultation.
Each school-based initiative is designed to address the school’s needs and requirements within this framework. For information on fees and initiating a project in your school or youth service agency call (410) 706-5360, fax (410) 706-5576 or e-mail us at
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How Does the Mediation Process Work?
The actual mediation process involves a systematic approach to resolving conflicts. Regardless of the type of dispute, the mediation process applies a six-step method to reach agreement. The steps are:
The mediators set the ground rules.
The mediator asks each disputant to define the conflict and to express his or her feelings in a non-aggressive manner.
Each disputant states the problem.
The mediator restates and summarizes the information provided and asks questions to clarify issues.
The mediator then asks the disputants for a proposed solution to the problem and then restates the proposal. The mediator should avoid offering solutions.
When agreement is reached, a contract is written and signed by the disputants.
Conflict Mediation is not peer counseling, nor is it intended to be sensitivity training. It is critical that the mediator remain neutral in order to aid in the resolution process.
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Peer Conflict Mediation Objectives
The underlying and primary objectives of peer mediation are:
To increase student understanding that conflict is a natural and normal part of life. Physical confrontation is only one, and the least desirable, reaction to a conflict.
To enable students to work in harmony with each other despite differences.
To create a positive school climate by utilizing a process to resolve interpersonal conflict.
To avoid suspensions and expulsions from school by providing alternative methods of dealing with misbehavior.
To increase attendance and academic performance by decreasing the environment of conflict and violence.
To develop an awareness and encourage the use of compromise as a viable alternative to conflict and to relate this to a deeper understanding of the American political system.

Best answer:

Answer by curious cook
That is the longest question I have come across in Yahoo Answers. Then I realized that there is really no question here and you have answered your own question thoroughly. Great job!


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what are some good rental cabins in northern california?

Question by Lilly: what are some good rental cabins in northern california?
im not talking about anything fancy or “resort” quality. kinda like ruffin-it cabins. 1-2 bedroom, bathroom, small kitchen. thats about all i need…if you know from experience thats great!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Kathy H
I have friends that go every year to Pinecrest and others that love Murphys.

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Q&A: Trip to California and Nashville in March..?

by ChadScott

Question by Ham: Trip to California and Nashville in March..?
What will the weather be like and what should we definitely do?
We’re there for a week in each place.
We want to do disney in California and places like Rodeo Drive.
Any recommendations on where to eat and things like that?
We’re staying at the “Gaylord Opryland Resort” in Nashville.

Best answer:

Answer by DeeLC
Knoxberry Farms in Cali, it is a amusement park w/ a “old fashioned” enviorment Sea World and dont forget the beach just so you can say you went( i went when i was a kid and put my feet in the water and it was cold but i can say Ive been), and The Grand Old Opry in Nashville and music row.

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