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Q&A: Are Democrats really that worried about all the Obama White House: Extravagance, Secrecy and Enemies Lists?

Question by friend to all: Are Democrats really that worried about all the Obama White House: Extravagance, Secrecy and Enemies Lists?
According to rabid right wing new sources the Obama White House is engaged in massive extravagance, secrecy and producing enemies lists.

Sher Zieve (obviously a neo-con) writes in the Canadian Free Press:

“While Obama does nothing practical to stop the economic bleeding of the American system and its people, he has now established Wednesdays as his weekly revelry day—replete with cocktail parties, well known entertainers to amuse both Mr. and Mrs. Obama and their guests and dinners consisting of the best in imported fare—including multi-course dinners and $ 100/lb steaks. These are what are left of our tax dollars at work.”

“The people in the United States of America have been and are continuing to be summarily and purposefully ruined by a group of elected officials who report to Fearless Leader Barack Hussein Obama. In the meantime, this same Obama is lavishly wining and dining himself, his family and friends at least once a week. Obama drags CEOs of failing companies over hot coals in front of endless investigating committees (committees comprised of those who actually created the economic disaster) while Joe Biden and his union boss cronies enjoy $ 400+/night hotel rooms, sumptuous meals and other accouterments at Florida’s Fountainbleau Hotel and Resort.”

“With regards to the almost instantaneous robbery of the US’ wealth under the ongoing guise of “stimulus packages,” Obama under cover of darkness hastily pushed them through—with no time for most legislators to even read them—and the new administration was able to quickly place the USA into an increasingly impoverished condition.”

“Alarmingly, free speech under Barack Hussein Obama is already on its way out, as Obama covertly continues the establishment of his private national police force—AKA Gestapo or Secret Police. Is this his third “change” message—the change from freedom and liberty to subjugation and repression? A few Obama voters have finally begun to awaken to these truths and what his promise of “change you can believe in” really means. Obama’s promised change has always been to move the country from freedom and representative democracy to unlimited restrictions and tyrannical rule. Our ruthless king has arrived and, as Obama tells us with his almost daily TV appearances, we can most certainly believe it. ”

Look, Obama won. Get over it already. Let him eat his wagyu steaks in piece and enjoy his well-deserved Wednesday Night parties. Real change means eliminating those reactionary forces who oppose Hope, so an enemies list a good place to start, after all we need a national data base of the millions of reactionary opponents and losers so the new National Civilian Security Force will have a starting point.

So, are Democrats really that worried about all the Obama White House: Extravagance, Secrecy and Enemies Lists?
This is a test of the ability to spot sarcasm. Unfortunately with Democrats circa 2009, sarcasm is extremely difficult to wield since they are so truly insane and dangerously absurd.

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Answer by andy g
No sheep follow blindly and a “neo-con” is a former lib”

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