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What exactly goes on in the Mickeys not so scary halloween party?

by Chris Corrigan

Question by Marlee Mouse: What exactly goes on in the Mickeys not so scary halloween party?
Disney is my passion…anything Disney i LOVE, so for my 16th birthday im going to Disney (i usually go once a year) but this year i went twice already and then im going on Nov 1st (the day of my b-day) i saw that it is cheaper and some of the rides arent available including my FAV one EVER “the Jungle Cruise” is this true? please give me info on times of park open/closing, dates, ride info and anything else you can think of please 🙂 ty!

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Answer by John
They only sell 10,000 tickets to it, sounds like a lot but the ride lines are nonexistent! There is also a cool Halloween parade and best of all, you can go trick-or-treating at many locations throughout the park! Great for us candy lovers.
I went last year, and rode the Runaway Mine Train 4 times, without getting off! They just let us go again and again! Did the same with Space Mountain.
Oh, almost forgot, (tasteful) costumes are welcomed, but not required.

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Q&A: can you please help me??!!?

Question by sunaina: can you please help me??!!?
hey everyone!! so i knida need your help!! i am turning 16 this year and for the past 5 years I have been planning my sweet 16, but last decmeber my grandpa died, so now i can not have a sweet 16. but i was wondering if you guys know any alternatives for a sweet 16?? i live in new york city. One of my friends didnt want a party, so we took a circleline criuse around manhattan, but the “cruise” was 3 hours long and very boring, then after that she had a sleepover. My other friend had her sweet 16 at a nail salon. where we all got facials and our nails done. but im not that preppy. sooo can someone give me ideas that are not tooooo expensive and also not tooooo cheap, something sort of elegant, yet fun??!!

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Answer by surferchick
Go shopping! Hello your in New York!

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WHY don’t my roller blades go fast?

Question by This Yahoo! User Is Suspended: WHY don’t my roller blades go fast?
I’m pretty pissed off. I just tried to go rollerblading and I had to go back home because they are SO slow.

When I push off, they only roll for a few seconds and I have to keep on pushing off of them constantly and can never just roll. I see so many people in my neighborhood with their roller blades and they “cruise” on them instead of constantly pushing off, and they go FAST. That is what I want to do, but my roller blades don’t allow me to do that as they stop rolling after a few seconds.

My dad cleaned the wheels, put oil in them, but they are still the same. I was wondering, how can I make them roll more easier and better? It’s hard to explain, but they are so slow.

I was wondering, maybe it’s because they were just cheap rollerblades? In my garage I can go pretty fast but on the roads I cannot? But I’m thinking it’s the road, but I see so many other people going on the road and they go really fast so it cannot be the road.


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Answer by Chuck
if you are holding the blades and spin the wheels, they should freely spin quickly and easily for a while… if not, the bearings are junk/dirty, or the wheels are not aligned correctly and could be rubbing on the tracks causing them to slow.

if they spin fine then it could be the types of wheels and the surface they are on.

There are roller blades meant for speed, and others meant for tricks…so it could be a matter of the style you bought.

It’s hard to tell without seeing them

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HELP! I’ve got 2 free plane tickets and want to plan a vacation, tropical and inexpensive, where would you go?

Question by Sierra: HELP! I’ve got 2 free plane tickets and want to plan a vacation, tropical and inexpensive, where would you go?
THIS IS A BIT LONG< READ ONLY IF YOU HAVE THE TIME TO HELP ME DECIDE: THANKS! First of all I don't want to sound like I am complaining here, just confused on where to go. I realize I am very lucky to have the tickets! The plane tickets are for anywhere in the U.S. plus Cancun, Bahamas, Jamaica, Puerto Rico and Aruba. Most of these places outside the U.S. would be too expensive though in terms of hotel and food for me right now for two people, so where else in the mainland U.S. could I visit that is somewhat near a nice beach, maybe some shells, and isn't too expensive for a hotel there and food? I only have about an extra 1,000 for a 3 day trip somewhere for the hotel and food and spending. All I want to do is spend some quality time with my husband and sit and watch the waves, drink a tropical drink at a tiki hut, swim in a huge pool and possibly take a boat out to a little island to find some shells. (Otherwise I also have free hotel rooms at any Harrah's hotel in the U.S. so I guess they have Harrah's in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, New Orleans, Phoenix, and other places more inland in the U.S. That would be very cheap then since I would then have free air and hotel, but none of those places is really that tropical!) I could also choose to fly to New Orleans or Miami and try a 4 day cruise. Upside of that: fairly cheap and could see Key West AND Mexico ! And lots of food all included in the price Downside: I've never been on a cruise , sometimes there are hidden costs to consider, tipping, extra excursion, etc. and I wouldn't get into the pool with tons of people, no privacy, and could seem like I'm stuck on a boat with a bunch of drunks since I heard the 4 days cruises are "party cruises". Again see I'm totally stuck on what to do and where to go with these tickets! Anyway if I don't do the Harrah's free hotel thing or the cruise then, I was thinking possibly Pensacola, Florida since it is supposed to be cheaper and they still offer the touristy things to do there, but not sure if that might be too boring. Do you have other ideas that could work? I wouldn't mind using the free tickets to California but then the hotel prices are just too high. And Virginia Beach is supposed to be nice but I'm not sure if it is expensive to visit and I know it won't be as tropical as Florida or Cancun of course since there will doubtfully be tiki huts and tropical drinks/ not sure though? Also lots and lots of people say go to Cancun but I worry about a few things: crime to and from the hotels, crime at the hotels, crime going to dinner in the cities and I'd hate to see children begging on the beach on my vacation or stray dogs starving to death running down the beaches. If you've gone there, is that what you've encountered ever? Some previous yahoo people said that was what it was like, not fun for a vacation then. Someone recommended a place calledCancun Palace (p.s. my research shows: Le Blanc in Cancun looks amazing if you have more money than me for the trip!), someone else said Myrtle Beach, others Key West? Has anyone been to Key West lately, do you have any quiet beaches or are they all packed with crazy tourists? If I can't come up with a trip that my husband would also like, then he said I should just use one of the tickets to fly to my niece's wedding in Minneapolis and wait for the other ticket for something else ....BORING use of the 2 tickets I say, and then I might never go on the somewhat more "romantic" and "relaxing" trip with my husband. I think I'd rather just pay for the wedding ticket for myself separately.Sooooo ...... if you could go anywhere, where would you fly for a fairly inexpensive vacation with my 2 free tickets? I'm totally stumped on what to do and where to go! Thanks for any input! TRVLLADY- THANKS, my husband just said the same thing, make a list to help your advice was right on target since I am stuck. And I will look into Virginia Beach more extensively then as well! Best answer:

Answer by trvllady
I think its great that you are thinking about all the pros and cons for each destination. I would suggest making a chart of the beaches you are considering. Have a Positive and a Negative side. That way you can quickly get an idea of which ones to eliminate immediately. I can recommend Virginia Beach if you are going between May – September. It will easily fit into your budget for hotel and food. There are night time activities and restaurants within walking distance of the hotels. You are also a short drive from shopping, historic sites, and museums. Good luck and have fun!

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Going on a Carnival Elation cruise and have questions! 10 points!?

Question by Air Tom: Going on a Carnival Elation cruise and have questions! 10 points!?
I’m going on a 4 night cruise to Ensenada and Catalina Island.
1. On cruises are you always up and about or do you also spend a lot of time by yourself in you stateroom?
2. Are the shows/theater and Entertainment any good?
3. Are the Clubs offered for children fun and enjoyable?
4. Is there a big table at dinner and sit around with people you don’t know?
5. Would brining a passport and drivers license be good for covering the documnets part or there is more you need?
6.Should we bring bottles of shampoo?
7. Do you need to pay for playing the arcade games?
8. Can you “buy a cruise on a cruise” and have it be a lot cheaper?

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Answer by Michelle B
I was never alone so no you won’t be alone some ships have great shows I like to comedy shows. For children during the day not every Cruise cater to the children’s needs so look into that. Yes there are people you don’t know at the table with you for dinner only. Yes having the proper documents are important better safe than sorry. If you want to your own products yes bring your own shampoo. On some ships yes you need to pay on others no. The last question is something you would have to find out on the website. There are A lot of packages you can purchase for future vacations that I do know

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Q&A: Why do homosexuals “cruise”?

Question by incognitas8: Why do homosexuals “cruise”?
Is homosexuality a lonely lifestyle why the need for anonymous sex is so rampant? I read an article in an Australian newspaper this past October about a department store having to close the men’s room because of the anonymous sex acts perpetrated in it to the horror of its patrons. But, this instance isn’t the only one. I’ve heard about a Hampstead Heath (heavily wooded park in London), park bathrooms, etc. To the misfortune of one young gay man, he met up with some men over the internet and was robbed and bludgeoned to death. And please don’t accuse me of being a “homophobe” would be denial, cheap, and flat out tired.

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Answer by Mozeltov Cocktail
Lumping a whole group like you did is cheap, and flat out tired.

Are you saying heteros don’t cruise?

You think hetero thugs don’t mug people in parks?

Am I to assume all heteros are this bigoted?

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