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I need some advice please. I’m so confused and can’t stop crying?

Question by Cici: I need some advice please. I’m so confused and can’t stop crying?
July 6th is my 21st birthday. Ive been looking forward to this since I was 15. I’ve honestly never been one to want a big birthday party, that’s just not my thing, or even have a celebration but has always bothered me that my birthday seems to always be “family vacation” time. I have have been to the best places on my birthday over the years but it’s never actually been about me. It’s always “family” I was hardly ever even asked if it was okay to go places and when I objected my mother made me feel selfish and stupid. So, I’ve just started to let it be over the years but 21 to me was gonna be important and it was up until yesterday. See, the plan was that FINALLY it was going to be about me, not a family vacation. No, it was my turn to do what I wanted and Vegas with my cousin was the big plan. My parents, me and my cousin where going to go. My cousin and I where going to head off our way and my parents where going to meet us up for shows and gambling. I was soooo excited. Finally it was about me and what i wanted to do. It was out of the ordinary and I wasn’t going to be forced to listen to the constant bickering and fighting of my kid siblings. But of course, my cousin canceled due to miss scheduling and last night my mom tells me that it’s going to be a FAMILY VACATION!!!! Meaning kiddy things and constant bickering and fighting that I hear evey damn day of my life. I was so mad and so depressed, well I still am, and feeling guilty because I feel like I’m pushing away my family, my siblings. So I went to my room and cried about it for a while then decided that I should be grateful for my parents effort to do something for my birthday that didn’t work out and just change my plans. So I talked to my mom, put on a good show acting like I was excited, and told her that we should just stay home and go out to places here in southern cali so it would be cheaper. Today I just couldn’t help it anymore. My parents saw through my act and my mom made me feel guilty again for not wanting my siblings around and not wanting to make it a family vacation. My dad on the other had sees my point. He understands that I work with children and I want an actual vacation away from kids to just be an adult. To actually celebrate my 21st birthday with friends and let loose and have fun. but there really is nothing more I can do to save my birthday, at lease I don’t think so. I’ll be 21 for a tear so I can just celebrate through out the year I guess, even though it soooo is not the same. I just don’t know if I’m right in being disappointed, pissed off, and depressed or if I’m just being selfish. What do you guys and gals think?

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Answer by Fritters
I see where you’re coming from. It’s the one day of the year when you can actually make it all about you and not be forced to feel guilty about it.

My suggestion would be to just go on the family vacation but have a big party planned for when you get back. Get together with all your closest friends, have a cocktail party, or pool party….. just anything fun and that is fitting to your personality.

While you may not be celebrating you big 2 1 on the actual day at least you’ve still got a celebration to look forward to. Don’t let yourself get upset over this or you’ll always have bad memories of turning 21.

Or if you’re adamant you want to celebrate on the day perhaps get your dad to talk to your mum about pushing the trip back a little so you can have the birthday you’re dreaming of.

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my shrink is leaving for 2 and then im leaving for three weeks weeks wat to do?

by kangotraveler

Question by Nikki S: my shrink is leaving for 2 and then im leaving for three weeks weeks wat to do?
my shrink is leaving for 2 and then im leaving for three weeks weeks wat to do?
i dont know what to do i wont b able to surivive for that long, hes leaving for 2 weeks than i have to leave fro 3 weeks. i dont know what to do and i guess i cant really say anything about it to him cuz im afraid that would b innapropriate i dont know wat to do!!!!!!!!!!!

dont say its time to be strong cuz its not

would it be rude to say “what am i gonna do while ur on vacation?”

i cant arrange to c sum1 else during that time, my shrink is the cheapest shrink around and i cant afford anyone else

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Answer by desmartj
Your psychiatrist should be responsible enough to provide help/treatment for you while he/she is away on vacation. If he/she thinks you’ll be okay without help for a while then relax and believe in yourself as well. If not then he/she should be providing alternatives for the time he/she will be away. Ask your psychiatrist about the situation especially since you’ll be leaving on vacation as well.

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Pregnant…… is the vacation worth it?

Question by xox Timmy’s Girl xox: Pregnant…… is the vacation worth it?
My mom, brother, and two sisters (siblings all younger) are all going to Florida including Orlando for Sea World and Disney. They’re also going to the beach. I’ll be about 13-14 weeks pregnant when they go. Money is tight right now so I’d have to sit at the hotel while they go to the parks. The beach would really be the time for me but that’s only for 3 days out of the week vacation. I could also just pay to go to Sea World and forget Disney. Would it be worth spending the money I can’t afford to right now for this “last vacation” before baby comes? I mean, my fiance won’t even be there. Or, should I stay back with him and take car of my mom’s house just us alone for the week? What are some cheap activities we can do in Chicago if I stay behind?

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Answer by Tom A
Stay behind; you will need that money for the baby. I did a vacation where we so strapped that all I did was worried about money and the bills that were waiting for us when we got back. After the vacation I totaled everything up to and barely paid my mortgage that month.

In Chicago you could go to the zoo, museum, batanical gardens, navy pier, Millieum Park, water tower, get some movies, go to a day spa.

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Q&A: Inexpensive mini-vacation for a newly single gal?

Question by * *: Inexpensive mini-vacation for a newly single gal?
I’ve gone through quite a bit this past year with work and relationships. Most recently relationships. It’s been really tough…especially this past week when everything has really hit me. Anyway…boo hoo…I finally came to the realization that what I need is to just get away…by myself…somewhere new. I’ve never in my entire life been on a “vacation”. I’ve traveled all over the world but it’s always been to visit family, for a wedding, work, etc…never just for leisure.

Any ideas of inexpensive places to go for just a few days? Just looking to maybe stay in a decent hotel…have a nice area close by to dine at…walk around…maybe a little shopping or museums. I’ve been to places like the Riverwalk in San Antonio and LOVE it. Would go there but my brother lives in the area and I’ll be obligated (and would want to) visit while I’m in town. I just want to get away to some place new where I don’t know anyone.

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions!

I live in the midwest. Just looking for someplace I can drive or get a cheap flight to. Maybe a nice little “town” or smaller city. I’m a city girl so being in the city I can handle…being away in a small town would be nice too…but then again some locals don’t take kindly to new faces :o)

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Answer by RoofingPrincess
Why not hop on Travelocity or Southwest or some site and see what kind of last minute deals are being offered? That might spark your imagination/interest.
And have fun!!

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Q&A: Should I take a cruise with my boyfriend or save my money?

Question by Pairah Normel: Should I take a cruise with my boyfriend or save my money?
When I get my tax return back? My man says it’s not smart and that I need that money, etc. He’s right, I could use it. But I could always use it. I don’t see that changing for a long time.

I’ve been wanting to get away for EVER and he and I have been together for over 2 years now, with the closest we’ve come to a “vacation” being a DAY trip to San Francisco. We didn’t even stay the night. I want to go somewhere with him where we can be alone (without my 3 toddler and his 2 older boys) for a couple days.

Should I just go for it (cruises are so cheap right now!) or be “smart” with the money I get back?

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Answer by Tori
Cruises can definitely be relaxing and fun and there are some great prices right now. I guess I would ask myself these questions to make a decision:
1. Do you have credit card debt or other bills that need to be paid?
2. Have you put off some needed car repairs or maintenance that could result in expensive breakdowns if put off longer?
3. Since he sounds a little less enthusiastic, if you go ahead and make reservations will it cause an argument or resentment that will end up making the cruise stressful instead of fun?

If you can answer “No” to all of those questions, then go for it. If you answer “yes” to some or all, you might want to reconsider. You could always try an inexpensive “get away” right at home by farming all of the kids out for a weekend, ignoring the phone, order takeout food for a romantic candlelight dinner at home, rent some movies, buy your favorite beverages, massage oil and bubble bath and enjoy a “stay-cation”

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He kicked me out and now I want a separation/divorce. But why wont he sign?

by kangotraveler

Question by lala721117: He kicked me out and now I want a separation/divorce. But why wont he sign?
We’ve been together for 9 yrs (married for almost 4). He decided that he “needed a vacation.” I asked him if me and our daughter can come. He said no and threw his wedding ring at me. Arguing for hours – no solution was made. He left the next day. He stayed with family. Comes home 10 days later with a nasty attitude like I did something wrong (LIKE HE JUST DID) and started with me again… Fine, Im not the type to fuel the fire… two days later we argued about something stupid as usual and he told me “dont come back here.” I said “okay – no problem.” The feeling is mutual but we tried to save the marriage. I thought this would blow over like it always does; but it didnt. He moved out and so did me and my daughter. Now I told him that I want a separation or cheap no contest divorce and he said that he needs to get his life straight first..He doesnt pick up my calls and always hangs up on me. He’s still trying to control my life by saying “watch what happens if u send me papers.”
Thanks for the feedback! Sometimes (i must admit) I feel like the bad guy when I want to go forward with this divorce. Like I feel bad for him…I dont know why. Its not like he feels bad for me. But I feel much better without him!!

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Answer by Rebecca W
Do you interpret that as a threat of physical threat? If so, call your local spouse abuse hotline.

He can’t stop you from getting a divorce. All he can do is make sure it gets ugly and has to be dragged through the court system, but oh well, if that’s what it takes.

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