Wedding Gift Etiquette – Give Back or Not?

by clevercupcakes

Question by The Mama Yada: Wedding Gift Etiquette – Give Back or Not?
One of my daughters and my new son-in-law just got married. They are not happy about something and have come to me for advice, which I would like to turn to you. His mother is not happy about their honeymoon cruise (she thinks they will die, get sick, etc). However she gave them a nice-sized monetary wedding gift, but as she handed it over, she said, “And this money better not be used on the cruise!!!” Both my daughter and son-in-law do not need the money, and are irritated about a wedding gift that has conditions on it. Granted they’ve already paid for their own wedding, so any monetary gift will be used on the cruise and the various vacation ports. They want to give the money back to his Mom, and I’m not sure if that’s appropriate. Help?
Forgot to add that these kids do not “need” the money – they make more in one week than his mother and I make in a year!

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Answer by vicbarx30
Giving it back would be rude. Instead put it in a savings account for future Grandchildren. Just because his mother is an idiot , don’t prove she’s dealing with an idiot too. I always believe in taking the high road and being gracious. Besides it will drive his mother nuts if they are gracious!!!!!

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Q&A: 15 month old won’t pull up only crawls?

by jayspost

Question by Sommer M: 15 month old won’t pull up only crawls?
I have 16 1/2 month old boy/girl twins. Their correct age because of prematurity is 15 months. My son can fully walk but my daughter won’t even pull up on something steady or as some say, “cruise.” When I was pregnant she was the smaller twin and was almost two weeks behind than her brother. I have noticed that one foot turns out and it seem to enable her from pulling up. She seems to be very weak in her ankles and has very little feet, she is only in a 3 month old shoe. I know this is not normal but our family does not have private insurance nor do we qualify for any government funded insurance. However we do have a state therapist that comes and helps with her motor skills but the government agency is so thinly spread out our visits with her are few and far between and not much is accomplished when she does come.

I need to know what I can do to help my daughter as far as how to help her turn in her feet, help her lift, ect. She does walk on her knees but only pulls from a crawling position. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Belle
Children all move at their own pace. My daughter did not start crawling until she was 16 months and not walking until well after 2 years. My husband would take a towel & put it around her chest & under her arms and would hold the towel in one hand and steady her with the other…it was the weirdest looking thing, but it helped her walk on her feet and gain balance. I was told sooooo many times that there was something wrong because she waited so much later than other kids to crawl or walk. There is no need to worry, it will all happen and soon you will be missing the days that your daughter was just crawling and pulling instead of running around constantly and getting into everything. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you!

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Q&A: Problem with Chevy Blazer………?

Question by Nick P: Problem with Chevy Blazer………?
my fuel pump had a problem with the hose inside the pump and the fuel sending unit was creating a short in the gague fuse for the dash. i bought a new pump and replaced. after two months, i was having problems again, , so i replaced the pump again. but this time the “cruise” fuse burned out and also caused the gagues no to work. the funny thing is that i have no cruise control. and at the same time we replaced the fuel pump relay. now again i am having problems, after a month that we did that. what could be going on??

also, the problem is that the car stall and does not start back up, until you let it cool down.

Whats going on??

2001 Chevy Blazer 4×4 4.3L V6

its got a new fuel pump relay and a new fuel pump replaced twice.

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Answer by spike627
i have a 91 GMC sonoma 4.3 2wd that had a similar issue, oddly enough what helped was disconnecting the Cigarette lighter, something about a short, it made absolutely no sense to me, but hey it worked

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Best way to learn street Spanish?

Question by C.M.217: Best way to learn street Spanish?
I’m in a California police academy. There are LOTS of Hispanics here and many speak little or no English.

I believe that if I am going to be successful in a career of public service in this state, I will need to become conversational in Latin American Spanish.

I picked up some simple phrases while in port in Mexico on a cruise. “Mi amigo, una margarita, si por favor. Sin sal, el hielo ….. gracias”. Short of moving to Mexico for ten weeks though, what is the best way to become conversational?

I have looked at the Rosetta Stone software. I like the premise, but not the price. Is it really worth it, or is it just a gimmick?

Are there any effective software programs or websites that don’t cost an arm and a leg?

Taking a class will not be an option until after the academy, so what I’m really interested in is an effective home study course.

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Answer by Daniela
i would suggest finding a close friend whos first language is spanish. they can talk to you in english (and learn from yours) and they can teach you some spanish on the way = ]

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Walking at 7-8 months?

by ecstaticist

Question by kelli19221: Walking at 7-8 months?
My son is 7 months old and can pull himself to standing and get back down and has began “cruising” from couch to couch… I was wondering when a baby can do this, how much longer will it be before he can walk? Also, he can say mama, dada, hey, and bye bye… When do they usually begin saying more words?
Thanks in advance!
Thanks so much for all the comments!
And, he is already crawling… anyways, he rolled over at 2 months and sat alone at 3 but I was more concerned with the larger physical milestones like pulling up and such because he is a big boy! He was 10 lbs 6 oz when he was born! Anyways,just reading everyone elses memories makes me smile and hold on to these days!!! 🙂

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Answer by Jai
That is a good time for walking and some kids start to talk very early it’s very normal.

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PLEASE HELP!! guy+friend problema?

by Road Fun

Question by Sophie: PLEASE HELP!! guy+friend problema?
Here is the story:
Ok so i like this guy, brad, and he and his gf of 4 months just broke up like a week or two ago. Im somewhat of friends with this girl (but better friends with brad). Nonetheless, i comforted her, she took the breakup pretty hard (he bu with her).
Ok so all of us just got back from a 5 day trip for school. we were on a “cruise” the first day and Brad and i were talking pretty much the whole time, when he told me he liked my roomie/friend michelle.

so i told him i would help him out. I told michelle Brad liked her and she was just excited someone liked her at first, but after a day of hanging out with him (thanks to me) she confirmed she liked him. Obviously they didnt exactly KNOW each other. But anyway Brad asked her out and she said yes, and they would not be going out right now if it werent for me :/ yea. your welcome.
another thing: even while brad liked michelle, he told me i was pretty and we talk way more than he and michelle do.
So not only is my good friend going out with the guy i like (its pretty obvious i like him), brads ex gf is mad at me for getting them together.

What do i do? i want my happy ending soon… :/

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Answer by Jeff G
go to a message parlor and make sure to ask for the happy ending.

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