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>>>>Is THIS ILLEGAL???????

Question by fdsfsdf: >>>>Is THIS ILLEGAL???????
ok, on google when you look up hotels in the hollywood, florida area, there is a large hotel that comes up as “Free Beach Resort”. When you go to the website, it looks very unprofessional and says that it is 100% free:
is this a legal entity?? or is it a money laundering thing because it says you need to be 18 or older?

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Answer by b8k3p
Check with the California Better Business Bureau, and the California Secretary of State, or the business registration entity.

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Q&A: How’s my first chapter?

by Samantha Decker

Question by Manny: How’s my first chapter?
There might be some mistakes because I’m not finished editing it.

Chapter One: On the way

I looked out the window in silence. I felt the pressure building in my ears- feeling so strong that I thought I were to go deaf. I ignored the pain… thinking about how my starting line of this life would be like. I looked over at the girl next to me. She was dark blond, and kind of tan. I think she had light brown eyes- but I couldn’t tell right away. She was facing forward.
“Drink? Honey roasted peanuts?”
I stared out the window again. The stars were beginning to come out.
“Oh, what?”
“Would you like a drink? …Or honey roasted peanuts?”
“…Oh. Sure.”
“Water, orange juice, Pepsi, coke, or sprite?”
“I guess I’ll go with the orange juice.” I smiled. I wasn’t in the mood for fizz.
I grasped the cup and took the bag of peanuts. I sipped the orange juice- brain freeze. This juice must have been in the cooler for a long time now. The ice wasn’t helping. I went to open the bag of peanuts and my arm hit the girl next to me. A few drops of sprite bursted out from the cup and jumped onto her sweatshirt.
“Oh my gosh, I’m- I’m sorry-” I stuttered “-I’m slightly uncoordinated I-”
She interrupted.
“It’s fine. Really! I have plenty of napkins, I’ll fix the spill in no time…”
“Oh. Okay.”
“I hope you don’t mind me asking- are you going to Kant’s Board of Academic’s too?”
“Yes… I am. You are?”
“Yeah! Awesome, I already know someone!”
“How’d you guess that I was going there?” I was confused- was I really that predictable?
“Simple. You have a pencil with KBA letters on it. You were doodling with it.”
“Oh. That explains things.”
“Yupp! I’m not a stalker!” She chuckled.
“Yeah, I- I know.”
“Yes. So… what’s your name? I’m Alexandra.”
“Pleasure, Alexandra. I’m Brenna.”
“Nice to meet you, too! Brenna. Call me Alex… or Ali! Are you irish?”
“Oh. I see… are you excited for this year at KBA? I love it there!”
“What? You asked me if I was going too- you said you already know someone…”
“Yes. None of my friends are in my classes. This year’s schedule is totally different then last year. Sophomore year will be impossible! I’m taking AP this year- I might die.”
“Oh. AP? I’m in Calculus… I guess that’s not a class I’ll have with you…”
“Oh, you must love math. You’re a sophomore too. I wonder why sophmore’s in KBA can take classes like Calculus so early. I’m not taking that early though.”
“I guess you could say that.” I didn’t say anything about the other part she spoke about.
“Where are you from?”
“Clearwater Beach in Florida. We live in a condo.”
“Cool! Do you go to Busch Gardens a lot? Or maybe Disney World?”
“No. Not really… I went to Busch Gardens twice… and I went to Disney three times.”
“Oh, wow. It’s cool that it’s not too far. Isn’t that a vacation place though?”
“As I said… we live in a condo. My mom works as a lobbyist in a hotel.”
“Awesome! That’s a cool job! Which hotel?”
Alexandra was very curious- she seemed like a nice girl. Too much questions for me.
“Shepard’s beach resort.”
“I’ve never heard of it.”
Maybe my simple ‘oh’ would end her conversation. I was a little tired.
“So what’s your middle name, Brenna?”
“Brenna Raychelle… That’s pretty! My middle name is Louise- Alexandra Louise! You like?” She asked me with big, shining eyes.
“Yes. It sounds nice.”
“Well, my name was going to be Alyssa Katrina… but my dad didn’t like it. So, his choice was Kendra Ray… because he always liked the name Rachel, but my mom hated that name so he tried shortening it. My mom was going to settle for Alyssa Kendra or Alyssa Ray but my dad wanted Kendra to be my first name. My mom still wanted my name to begin with an ‘a’ though. So they both came up with Alexandra and the nurse’s name was Louise. My dad liked the name and suggested it so that’s how-”
That’s when I stopped listening. Ali talked a lot- I really wanted to rest. I still had an hour left one the plane. Ali kept rambling on and on… I couldn’t listen to this anymore. I had to block her out somehow… this wasn’t working as much as I hoped though.
“Then they were hesitating if they should go with Alicia when the name came to mind because they liked the meaning of Alicia better then the meaning of Alexandra. Alexandra meant-”
I interrupted her.
“Ali, I’m exhausted… and my mom made me promise I’d get some sleep on the plane. I love hearing stories as much as the next person but it’s getting kind of late, I suppose… maybe you can consider telling your story later…?”
“Oh. I’m sorry. You can rest… but it’s not that late.”
“Yeah… but Florida is so far from Oregon… I had to get up so early… this two flight thing is killing me…”
“Oh, yeah! Florida is really far. Like, since I live in Wyoming, it’s not so bad because the flight is only a few hours so when I woke up this morning-”
“Alex. Please… I real
ly need to sleep.”
“Oh, okay. Maybe I’ll sleep too…”
She was lying about the sleeping. At least she’d maybe stop talking for five minutes. She’s someone I need to talk to when I need to stay awake or if I feel like socializing for hours. I’ll need to get her number so we can maybe hang out… I’ll never be able to see a movie with her though. She can’t sit still in a movie without talking for two hours and watching something. At least on the long plane ride, she can talk and she can do other things… she might not make it in a movie. The third seat in this row was empty… I was wondering who she’d talk to.
I slowly pushed back until my head reached the seat. I closed my eyes for some peace.
That’s when I heard Ali talking about school with another girl and a boy. I overheard her… her roommate the girl she was talking to. The girl’s name was Melanie, and their room number was 114 Limbust Hall. That wasn’t my room. I guess my roommate would be a surprise. there is more =(
oh… okay. well i just turned fifteen so… okay. at least i have honest opinions. how so? what needs work? am i just a bad writer? because then i could just give up writing or start a new story?

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Answer by Erik
it really needs work

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Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort?

Question by Brooke: Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort?
ok i’ve been to disney world in orlando florida about 4 times,my uncle butch works there.

well im goin there again on june 23rd 2009
and im goin to the hotel called “Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort”
in animal kigdom.

ive been to this site

but i would like to know more about it with ppl tht have stayed there

please tell me
its worth

7 points:))

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Answer by Josh
I stayed here during one of our hurricanes. I like the openess of the layout of the buildings. The lake in the center that you can walk around. The pool was great.

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Marriott Timeshare?

by wallyg

Question by trettsem: Marriott Timeshare?
My family just recently bought a Marriott Timeshare in Orlando, Florida. The name of our “home resort” is Marriott’s Grande Vista. I was just wondering how your experiences have been at this location if you’re an owner and have ever visited it.

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Answer by ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~
I have never owned a timeshare but have heard good things from friends of mine in regards to Marriott Timeshares. You may be able to find information from other owners on the website message boards.

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Guess the movie 2?

Question by Crisp-ay: Guess the movie 2?
1. Roller rink
2. Based on true story
3. Killer
4. Florida
5. “The Last Resort”

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Answer by Mrs.Jackson

Did I get it?!?!?!


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Resort “Timeshare”?

Question by Flaca II: Resort “Timeshare”?
Hi there,

On December 30 2007, I bought a timeshare estate in Florida, when they sold me the vacation club it was marvelous, but at the time I went online to book then was terrible, they told me I have to book my vacation between 45 days, for sure I would have accommodations and I did and there’s was not room available for the next three months, and no exactly on the city I wanted to go……. so I found other stuffs that are not really what the sold me….
Is there any possibility I can quit this timeshare, I have a loan for 10 years….. Is there any legal advise, please. I’m so sorry I bought this timeshare…. HELP PLEASE….

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Answer by winkyb409
The Time Share sharks pretty much have it in there favor after the cooling off period I am sorry to tell you.But may help others.A time share at any price is a bill for the rest of your life that you can not get out of.There are some that will let you deed it back but that is after it is paid for.Then there are ones such as Celebrity Resorts that you can never get out of with out hurting your credit.

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