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Is this real? I got it in the mail?

by Design Packaging

Question by Doc: Is this real? I got it in the mail?
I checked my mailbox when I got home and found a yellow postcard from “Sedona Pines” and Carnival saying that my family was selected to go on a cruise. I wanna see if it’s real before I call to complain to them about how fake they are. Here’s what it says:

“We are anxious to confirm your status as a major gift recipient. The ******** family of *******, AZ has been selected to receive a seven (7) night cruise for two (2) adults, including all meals, on-board activities and entertainment. All cruises will be on a major cruise line, such as Royal Caribbean, Carnival and Norwegian. Destinations include The Caribbean, Mexico, The Hawaiian Islands, New England and Canada. There are ten ports of departure including Los Angeles, CA, Galveston, TX and more. Retail Value up to $ 2,898.00. All that is required is that you attend a 90-120 minute presentation showcasing our beautiful resort and property. Call immediately. This offer expires 21 days from receipt.”

Here’s the fine print:

“Details of Participation: No purchase necessary. Appointments are required. Must have a minimum income of $ 40,000 per year. This offer is specifically designed for married or single persons 25 years of age or older. If married, cohabiting or engaged, both individuals must attend together. Must speak and understand English to attend. Children and pets welcome, free child care is required for children 12 years old and younger. Some restrictions apply on cruise for two. Gift Check is good toward select merchandise and will be mailed to your home with confirmation letter. This promotion is for the sale of timeshare intervals. This promotion is in lieu of any other promotional offer. Anyone who has toured Sedona Pines in the past 12 months is inelegible. Liability for typographical errors is limited to the replacement of the promotional piece. Developer reserves the right to substitute gift(s) of equal or greater value. You must present confirmation letter upon arrival at our resort.”

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Answer by William B
it,s a high pressure sales pitch, and a rip off

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Q&A: Do The Great Lakes Have Currents or Does The Water Just Kind of Sit There and Move Only A Little?

by Connie.09

Question by orangewaffle88: Do The Great Lakes Have Currents or Does The Water Just Kind of Sit There and Move Only A Little?
I’m doing a school project where I’m building a “resort” on a giant boat and putting it in Lake Michigan. Impossible? Yea, pretty much. But it’s better than doing my project on a Hawaiian resort like every other (uncreative) person in my class. But do the Great Lakes have actual currents? And if so, which way do they go? Thanks for your help!
If there are currents, any chance you can tell me which direction the ones in Lake Michigan go?

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Answer by Charlie Bucket
Yes, there are currents.

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