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Dismantled California Waterpark and Resort name?

by Generation X-Ray

Question by Ejay: Dismantled California Waterpark and Resort name?
Everytime I go to Las Vegas, we always pass by this waterpark. It was always closed and was stuck like right in the middle of he desert. it had quite a few water rides. there would be big billboards saying NEXT EXIT or something. It also looked as if itwas settled next to or on top of a mountain. I think it was like, “Rock and . . . Waterpark and Resort!” On a recent trip back from Vegas, it was dismantled but you can still see a few left overs and the signs. Does anyone know the name of the waterpark? And what happened to it?

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Answer by Ed
You’re seeing Lake Dolores, a manmade lake built in the 50s. Originally an RV park, they added water attractions over the years. It was known as Lake Dolores Waterpark, Rock-a-Hula Waterpark, then Discovery Waterpark. It shut down the first time in the late 80s. Somebody bought it in the 90s and invested in a bunch of modern water slides, but it went bankrupt in 2000 after an employee was seriously injured on one of the rides. It ended up in the hands of the original owner’s widow, who was very ill with cancer. She sold it to some investors just before her death and they ran it for a couple of seasons around 2003 but it has been closed since and some of the rides have been sold off to other waterparks.

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