If you’re staying in a hotel…?

by sbpoet

Question by Hana: If you’re staying in a hotel…? much should you tip..??

..when i’m alone i tip the bellman 3$ but when i’m with the family with “exttra luggages..”i give them 10$ …

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Answer by deedee
I heard 1 – 2 bucks per bag

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Traveling with a BABY and a Toddler…. I have a question?

by joanna8555

Question by Rosy M: Traveling with a BABY and a Toddler…. I have a question?
We are flying on Delta, I am packed to the gills with stuff. I know the babyseat does not count as a “piece of luggage”, does a playpen or pack n play? Has anyone flown with one of these? We will need it for our son to sleep in at night. I called Delta support, but the gentleman clearly from another country didn’t know what a playpen was???? Anyone have any clues? THANK YOU… links would be very much appreciated!
Did you check it in at luggage or were you allowed to check it in at the gate???

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Answer by navyfamily03
We flew with them before and did not have a problem, it was not counted as a piece of luggage. I would not know now though since they have all sorts of new fees and things. Sorry, I wish I could help more.

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Associates and $4,500, think I can make maui?

Question by Donkey Kong: Associates and ,500, think I can make maui?
I’ll have $ 4,500 and an associates in film/video broadcast. i know my specific area may not help but im great at photoshop, illustrator, and its just the fact i have a college degree. Also have 8 months of retail experience at a shoe store as a sales associate. already can get the plane ticket there without cutting into the $ 4,500, think i have a good chance to make it? i have no kids and no other “luggage”.

*and i know maui isnt in honolulu, it’s just the most closely related*

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Answer by Anna P
Check the Valley Isle news for the classifieds. Retail is DOWN right now, and the UI rate on Maui is about 13%. Rents are very high on Maui as well (just being realistic). You will need first and last month’s rent and you WILL have to share. Check CL for ideas (no one will rent to you w/o being here first though). An associates in film/video is OK but won’t get you anywhere until you are here for awhile (we have creative media graduates here as well).

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CM and sensitive nips??

by smemon87

Question by ~Just Me~: CM and sensitive nips??
Just curious if anyone can explain lotion like CM that feels extra wet after 8 DPO and sensitive nips, not painful just tender and sensitive. My charts say I am suppose to start AF the 20th of Nov. Usually I get PMS, and it is relatively pronounced, practically screaming “I’m coming with luggage!!” But so far nothing, not even cramps??!! What are your thoughts on this? Thanks in advance, and baby dust to all TTC’ers.
Something else I have been noticing: When I O’ed it felt like it was on my left side, I am currently feeling like a occassional “twinged” if you will, not necessarily a tugging but like a tickle I guess. And I feel it just every once in a while, like it is what actually prompted me to add details, lol. I feel I have been sleeping a little more over the past few days as well, but my sleep varies so it is hard to say for sure. And thanks to all well wishers, I appreciate them sooo much, we have been trying for sooo long and for something like this to finally come true would truely be a welcomed blessing.

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Answer by kendra
it sounds to me like you might be pregnant, one of the first signs of pregnancy is sore breasts, i would wait a few days after your missed period, then take a test. and baby dust to you!!!

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Q&A: Anasthetic?

by Digiart2001 | jason.kuffer

Question by Ben M: Anasthetic?
I’ve had a few general anasthetics when I was younger (age 4 – 12) and the earlier ones were always gas, at my request, but when I was 12 and about to go under for my last anasthetic I decided to go for the injection. Wow! This was wonderful! A very thick white fluid was very slowly injected into my hand and it was amazing.

Anyway I’ve heard rumours of side effects and stuff from frequent anasthetics and also tails of strange dreams, strange in the fact that many people report the same dream, one of which is being in a “lost luggage” room in a train station.

I’ve tried searching wikipedia for random info on anasthetics but the bad thing about the wiki is the search tool, anyway, my question to you beautiful people is this:

I want cool stories from your own anasthetics and I want to know (if there’s anyone here that works in hospitals etc) what was the lovely white fluid they put in me? It was the Alder Hey Childrens hostpital in liverpool about 11 years ago.


Best answer:

Answer by It’s That Guy
When I was 18 I applied to join the Navy (US Navy). I wanted to be an officer, so they gave me a very thorough exam, including x-raying my teeth. They found that my wisdom teeth were coming in funny so I had to go have them out. The teeth hadn’t erupted yet (they were still under the skin) so I needed to go to an oral surgeon and together we decided on a general anesthetic.

They have me sodium pentothol. I remembered that this had been used during WWII as a truth serum, and the surgeon smiled and said “Don’t worry, we aren’t going to ask you any questions.” He asked me to count backwards from 100 and I got as far as 97.

When I woke up, though, I was completely disoriented. I didn’t know where I was, or even WHO I was, or why I was lying here with my mouth full of gauze. My dad was in the recovery room and when he saw I was awake he leaned over me. And I thought ‘Gee, that guy looks familiar! I know him from somewhere!’ I tried to move and my leg fell off the table and I wasn’t strong enough to lift it back up.

Looking back now, I wonder why I wasn’t more frightened. But I wasn’t. After an hour or so they lifted me off the table and walked me out to the car and we came home. On the ride home, things started to come back to me. When we got home (about 40 minutes) I recognized our house and my dad. And I sort of though ‘Oh, that’s right, I had my wisdom teeth out so I could get into the Navy! Of course! How could I forget that?’

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I need toreplace a passport by june 1st, How can I do this?

by s0ftmachine

Question by Samuel: I need toreplace a passport by june 1st, How can I do this?
I am going on a 2 month long trip to Austrailia, Dubai, Europe and the US leaving June 1st. I thought I knew exactly where my passport was, however when I was getting my documents together I could not find it. I have spent the past few days searching EVERYWHERE it may have been, but can not find it. How can I have it replaced in time for my departure? Also, please don’t tell me to”check my last luggage” or where you found yours, frankly, I’ve looked everywhere it could be and even a few places it couldn’t. I need to replace it.

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Answer by ostrenga4
depending on how desperately you’re needing it immediately, it’s possible to get it processed same day if you make an appt in one of the passport processing centers in like new orleans, chicago, just check and they give all the information on how to get passports expedited, as well as the processing fees and stuff. of course the more you pay the faster it’ll get done.

best of luck 🙂

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