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Please Please Check The Grammer of My Cover Letter?


Question by est1984: Please Please Check The Grammer of My Cover Letter?
Hey guys can you please please check the grammer of my cover letter below please im not getting much luck anywhere so i have resorted to asking companies to allow me to work for them for free. I would greatly appreciate anyone and everyone trying to perfect this cover letter please. it would be so much to me… Will reward how I can…

“I am writing this letter to you as an application to work for INSERT COMPANY and I offer myself to work for free.

With the timing of the recession it has unfortunately made it harder for me to boost my career after having just graduated during this summer. Not only this but the roles in the CAD industry which I am hoping to pursue a career in requires x amount of years work experience, something which I do not posses. However I am still keen to bring my academic knowledge into the workplace.

I graduated from Birmingham City University with a BSc Hons in Computer Aided Automotive Design, As part of my final year project I successfully designed a bodykit for a small single seated racing car as part of my individual project which, upon completion, was comparable Formula One. Whilst accomplishing this it has made me a confident user with CAD applications in particular CATIA V5.

I am an individual who believes that quality must lie at the root of everything I do. I am honest, enthusiastic, energetic and reliable. I am a quick learner and highly motivated. I thrive under pressure and work to meet tight deadlines either as part of a team or by showing initiative to work as an individual. I am hardworking and have the ability to prioritize workloads on a daily basis. As my previous employers will assure you, my confident nature coupled with my excellent communication and co-operative skills, has made me a natural leader amongst my peers.

If it would be possible to gain maybe a year’s worth of work experience with your company the experience to me in itself would be valued as a salary.

My qualifications make me well suited to your design/engineering departments. I am confident that an interview would be a great way to discuss this arrangement further. Thank you for your time and I eagerly anticipate your reply. In addition to this email I am attaching a copy of my CV for your review.”
I have added a line in this paragraph, to emphasis it a little more then… REPLY to 1st comment

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Answer by Zachary A
Not bad, but forget mentioning the current recession…it is quite obvious why things are tough today. You should futher emphasize your design abilities, by briefly describing how your bodykit performed, on the track, or skidpad. Dont say you are willing to work for free- but inquire if the employer has any internship programs in place.

Include that you are innovative, and able to solve difficult design issues. This is a plus. Many automotive design studios find a creative, and visionary CAD architect will be the best asset. My brother’s in-laws were former GM architects, and they are hungry for new, bright talent. Include some renderings, too. Your chances of getting that first interview will soar.

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