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Q&A: If the Oil Slick reaches Cuba, what will happen to the US Military’s vacation resort at Guantanamo Bay?

Question by Drill Baby Drill: If the Oil Slick reaches Cuba, what will happen to the US Military’s vacation resort at Guantanamo Bay?
“While the detainees lie incarcerated, visitors can windsurf, take boat trips and go fishing for grouper, tuna, red snapper and swordfish.

The United States’ 1.5million service personnel and Guantanamo’s 3,000 construction workers are eligible to visit the “resort”, which boasts a McDonald’s, KFC and a bowling alley.

They even have a Wal-Mart supermarket.

The vacation comes at a knock-down price: just $ 42 (£20) per night for a suite of air-conditioned rooms, including a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms.

But it is the souvenirs that have led to the greatest criticism. One T-shirt from the gift shop is decorated with a guard tower and barbed wire. It reads: “The Taliban Towers at Guantanamo Bay, the Caribbean’s Newest 5-star Resort.”

Another praises “the proud protectors of freedom”. A third displays a garish picture of an iguana and states: “Greetings from paradise GTMO resort and spa fun in the Cuban sun.”

A child-sized shirt says: “Someone who loves me got me this T-shirt in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.”—sickest-souvenir-shop-world.html
This one says “a Wal-Mart-style store”:

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Answer by Human Cattle 555-55-5555
AH HA! I told you guys so. Posted this question earlier.

Its not a matter of if, but when. It will most definitely reach cuba. I promise you, they won’t be looking at BP to solve their issues. Communism is all about government, they will be at the UN demanding that America do something to compensate them.

And Obama is going to stand before the UN and say, “Ask BP, don’t look at me!” LOL its going to be quite a show.

I think the purpose of all this, including his lack of action, is too let it get soooo bad, that the government takes over the oil industry. You just wait and see.

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What kind of perks does the Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong offer guests?

Question by j355_1337: What kind of perks does the Disneyland Resort in Hong Kong offer guests?
I’m planning to go to Hong Kong Disneyland in Winter 2010 and wanted to stay in the Disneyland Resort. I understand the pricing structure and that the hotel is rated five stars but beyond that I can’t seem to find some key information on the services that the hotel offers. I’ve never stayed in a nice hotel before, let alone a hotel that calls itself a “resort”, so I’m new to all this.

The website mentions Spa treatments, a pool, a Mickey Maze, and other goodies. Are these things included in the price of staying in the resort or do they cost extra?

Also, do resort guests get early access to the Disneyland park? And is a day pass included in the cost of the room or does it cost extra?

Finally, has anyone stayed in the resort? I realize that I could spend considerably less in a hotel off the island but it’s all part of the vacation experience and it’s probably the only time in my life I’ll do this sort of thing.

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Answer by ~*Smiley Person*~
I live 15 minuits away from disneyland so i have been there a lot and ive been to both the hotels also
out of the two hotels/resorts there the disneyland resort is nicer and more peacful than the hollywood hotel which is quite hectic!
the spa looks very good but i havent had a chance to try it
and the pool has a waterslide and there is a jacuzzi next to it and there is also an indoor pool which is next to the gym and you can also go on a run around the grounds if you want some excercise
and the mickey maze is pretty fun, it hasnt completly grown so that you cant see above it though!!
along with that there are some good restaurants, i think theres a nice poolside one and one that stands out the most is one where you can eat with the disney characters!
the spa isnt included in the price however the pool and maze is and there is a shop where you can buy souvenirs but you will find much more of these in the park
also whats good is that you can walk over to have a look at the other hotel theyre not very far away from each other
i dont think there is early access to the disneyland park but there is a shuttle bus service
and i dont think that the day pass is included with the room.
but its a very nice resort 🙂
(in my opinion) the best rides and attractions in disneyland are:
-space mountain
-buzz lightyear astro blasters
-stitch encounter (make sure you go to the english one they have mandarin and cantonese versions)
-the winnie the pooh ride
-mickey’s philarmagic
-its a small world
-mad hatter’s tea cups
-tarzan’s treehouse (you need to catch a ‘raft’ there)
-jungle cruise (it is run in three different languages and you may think that the english queue is the shortest but they all take the same amount of time because the cantonese and mandarin boats are more frequent!)
and there are some really nice restaurants in the park
also they are planning to expand the park and add a new area im guessing that it will be frontier land (wild west) but i dont think it will be finished for at least another 5 years
but ive never actually been to another disneyland so i cant compare it with any others

also, if youre planning to look around the rest of hong kong, disneyland is quite far away but you can take a bus, mtr (underground tube/train) or taxis which are more expensive. the shopping is pretty good in hong kong and there are some nice places to visit!
and there is another theme park called ocean park with more thrilling rides it has two roller coasters and quite a few thrill rides! its also based around animals but it gets quite crowded because of tourists! and yeah disneyland does get crowded also but you can get fast passes for certain rides/attractions which shorten your queuing time!

hope this helps and have a nice trip 🙂

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Interested in starting a business.?

by kenworker

Question by Ashley Beaudre: Interested in starting a business.?
A group of friends and myself have been discussing wanting to start our own business in the future, but are in need of some information that some of you may be able to help with.

The concept is similar to a country club, and a day spa.

We want this “resort” to include:
*Hair and nail salon
*Swimming pool
*Merch area/ gift shop
*Horseback riding
*Snack bar

We’re looking at finding some real estate with land, and sort of a country theme. We had concidered sort of a bed and breakfast, and then sort of a day spa, but we are wanting a variety in what we would offer our members.

Any information and advice would be greatly appreciated. Anything from statistics, assumed budgeting, necessary state certifications, advice and opinions.

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Is there are great weight loss place that doesn’t cost a fortune and isn’t torture?

by bcmacsac1

Question by ValentinaQuinn: Is there are great weight loss place that doesn’t cost a fortune and isn’t torture?
I have exactly 150lbs. to lose and I don’t expect to go to a place where I could lose all of it because to do it in a healthy way it would take at least a year and a few months. But I’ve also had a lot of depression lately from a death in my family and relationship problems. So I also just want to get away. It can’t be someplace thats expensive, but I also don’t want to go someplace thats like a bootcamp. I need someplace with nice people, maybe therapy sessions, and good food. I’ve heard of weightloss “camps” and “resorts” that just have like a cafeteria style of bland food and low quality.
I know it would cost a lot to go to a decent place, but I want to get what I’m paying for, you know? But it can’t be like the uber spa getaway resort place.
I dunno, any ideas anyone??? ^_^
*I really need to just get away for a few weeks though. Maybe a month or so. Its not just losing the weight, I need to get away from my life. I am just dieting at home right now and its working, but I’ve been in a serious depression lately and just need to get away from this place for a few weeks. Thats why I want to go to some sort of weight loss resort place.

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Answer by Katherine W
Stay at home and go to weight watchers, and when you’ve lost some weight, reward yourself with a spa weekend. Repeat as needed. It will work, it won’t be expensive, you’ll learn a lot about nutrition and exercise through the spa weekend as well as weight watchers, and you’ll be able to do the right thing when you’re home, too.

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