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Why is teen pregnancy always frowned upon?

Question by ace2012: Why is teen pregnancy always frowned upon?
I am 19 and I have hit this wall. I have wanted a child for a while but just in the past few months I feel ready. I WANT to grow up and not be considered a child anymore. I want to get married and settle down with a family. That is what I want most in my life and it always has been. I don’t think it’s fair that I am not allowed to do so without being scolded by society. My mom is a high school teacher in the building where all of the teen mothers and disadvantaged kids go to school. So she is quite biased and trying to tell her that I feel ready to start a family would give her a heart attack. My whole family is a little ignorant. Why do I have to travel and go to graduate school and go crazy before I have a child? I am in college and plan to go to grad school but why do I have to wait until I’m in my 30s to have a baby just to finish school? Who has the right to say I won’t be able to handle it? My biological clock is ticking, which I don’t believe is just there to make women miserable. I think it is there to help me realize that I am ready to start planning to have a family. My body is the healthiest it will ever be and in it’s prime babymaking years. Of course I want to get married to my boyfriend, move in together, organize our finances, make sure our jobs are stable and THEN start planning for a baby.

What I find so very wrong, more than any teen getting pregnant, is when a teen asks why she is wanting a baby so bad all she gets are nasty responses like “babies aren’t accessories” and “you just think it’s cool to have a baby because everyone else does”. That isn’t the case at all. Baby fever is natural and as long as teens are scolded for wanting to be mothers, there will continue to be unprepared and irresponsible teen parents. People who freak when a girl says she wants a baby should calm down and instead of making accusations, should explain what it takes to raise a child and what life experiences helped them to raise their kids. Young girls need to learn about being mothers, not scolded for wanting so badly to be one. That way a girl will be more likely to know when it is her time. If it’s 18 then great! or if its 30, great! Nobody has the right to take joy away from what is the most precious and valuble thing in many girls’ lives.
my question really isnt about me in particular. I know that I want to marry my boyfriend first, and I know that I can raise a child and finish grad school. I’m ready to start planning, not go get pregnant today. Btw in my case paying off college tuition isnt something I have to worry about because I recieved grants. Its different for everyone and thats ok. Thats why some wait longer than others.

My real question is more about why people scold teens for wanting babies. It’s natural to want a baby wen the hormones kick in and teens dont have anyone to talk to about it without accusations and such. Baby fever has been overwhelming for me and probably for other girls too.

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Answer by ♥ NATALIE.
I’m 20 going on 21. I don’t like the thought of a girl under the age of 18 falling pregnant because most aren’t financially stable, mature enough and don’t have a good head on their shoulder, and the drive to care for possibly, the hardest, but most special gift of life so early.

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What all should I get when purchasing a new laptop?

Question by ithek_thundervoice: What all should I get when purchasing a new laptop?
What “accessories” should I get? A notebook cooler perhaps? Travel bag? extra chargers? blue tooth dongle with blue tooth mouse?

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Q&A: How can I fix my old iphone wall charger to work with the 3g iphone?

Question by Corey G: How can I fix my old iphone wall charger to work with the 3g iphone?
I have a “DigiCom Digital Accessories” travel charger that works great with my ipod and the old iphone (1st gen/edge/metal back iphone). I upgraded to the 3g and whenever I plug this charger in to my phone, it says that ‘this device will not work’. I would like to make it work for my 3g. I will include pictures later. On the little sticker, it says “Model:HH-16b. Input:100-240V-50/60Hz0.2A. Output:10V—0.5A”.

Let me know what you guys think I should do to it to make it compatible. I dont want to buy another travel charger or have to go underneath my bed and unplug the usb wall charger every time I go somewhere!

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Answer by iregretjumping
Sorry. The phone wont accept the old charger. Apple changed it. How about you get a couple of new ones from Amazon?

They are about 7 bucks shipped and you get two of them. You plug in the sync cable and it will start charging.

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Project on Heracles due tomorrow?!?

Question by iheartmidgets: Project on Heracles due tomorrow?!?
okay, so i have a project due tomorrow on Heracles, and we’re supposed to get a ken doll, and dress him up like our god, i already did that.
but i just found out that i have to come up with 2 or 3 “accessories” to come with it (i don’t have to build them) and i have to list a “vehicle” for him to travel around in/on.
and “also collect” like how barbie has friend dolls, and beach houses and things like that.
Please please please help me 🙂

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Answer by King Bob
Well Hercules always travels on a tide of the people he has killed.

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