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What can charge Apple IPod 4g?

Question by sawlmw2003: What can charge Apple IPod 4g?
I know that you hook the IPod up to the computer to charge it, but how else can I charge it? My family certainly likes to travel, so a computer isn’t always nearby to charge it when it needs it.
I was thinking about the Apple Universal Dock (which says at the bottom it is compatible with the iPod nano ‘4th generation (video)’, although I’m not sure what they mean by ‘video’), but it’s a little expensive for me (at around $ 50 when I’m already paying $ 150 for the IPod), and would it even charge on the dock?

Is there anything besides a computer that can charge an IPod 4g? What do they mean by “video”? Is the computer the only place to effectively charge it? Are there any accessories to charge an IPod 4g for less than $ 50?

Thank you for any and all help! Experience and person stories are surly welcomed!
I apologize: The question should be;

What can charge Apple IPod NANO 4g?

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You can charge the ipods using any USB device that puts out the full 500mA (many laptops only provide 100ma ports).

so for example some cheap USB lights also include a mains to USB power adaptor and you can use that.

4th Gen video is the model of the full size ipod – but the apple universal dock is just a holder and not a power supply it relies on the USB for the power.

I have a mobile phone charger that is a plug with a USB power socket on it and USB leads for each phone and that works with the ipod as well!

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Did Pelosis encouragement of Comedian Colbert to testify @ Congress backfire by him showing it to be a circus?

Question by demhater: Did Pelosis encouragement of Comedian Colbert to testify @ Congress backfire by him showing it to be a circus?
The botox shrew and her traveling donkey show!

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) defended the appropriateness of comedian Stephen Colbert’s Testimony on Friday before a House panel.
PHOTOS: Nancy Pelosi in pictures

Pelosi praised the Comedy Central personality’s appearance before a House Judiciary subcommittee to speak about the plight of Migrant Workers in the U.S.
VIDEOS: Nancy Pelosi in videos

“Of course I think it’s appropriate,” Pelosi told reporters at the Capitol about the appearance, in video posted by ABC News. “He’s an American, right? He comes before the Committee, has a point of view,….

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Answer by Prophet Mohamed
The Dems needed the distraction from the same day DOJ testimony on Obama’s order to drop the Black Panther investigation.

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can i apply for partnership by showing another country?

Question by hulusi: can i apply for partnership by showing another country?
hey im hulkie88 and im a porspective english teacher doing my BA degree and people i have some questions…. first of all my youtube channel is;
right now i live in Cyprus, in Europe ofcourse its not on the partnership program… (n i didnt know when i applied for adsense that they can transfer through bank account so i gave my current address to recieve the check… so i think i need to open another one for my future partnership program to change my address right?)

1- i have welsfargo personal bank account n paypal and physical mail address in the us… shall i apply from here but i know its hard to get in the us…
2- also i have families/friends in UK and Australia… im planing to ask my friend in AUS to apply for me but i have no clue what they will ask me after they accept my application?? shall put her name or what i shoul do?
3- i didnt start uploading to become a partner but 2 of my videos had over million views then i changed my idea. but would these videos view counts help me or not?? or shall i delete everything then i will have only 5 videos n they didnt have that many views…
over 600k viewssamsung commercial but i never get a copyright warn;
and over 550k views, my friend’s formula 1 simulator video;
4- i deleted most of videos that not belong to me… but i assume that still they have problems coz UT never offered me revenue sharing for any of my videos… how would UT know for example F1 simulator video is not mine? coz i searched online n im the only one…
5- im on UT since FEB 2007 but i started uploading in FEB2010, so does that affect my views n partnership application?
6- most of my views came from “gaming” (f1 simulator) but i have 5-6 videos “pets n animals” so which catogory i should apply? im not thinking of putting same things my channel will be about photography, my singing, pets, travelling… vlog?
7- i got 1.250.000 views 28.000 channel views 666 subbies 1000 friends in 5 weeks is that enough?

thank u so much
update; 28/03/2010
friends 1292
subbies 715

Best answer:

Answer by inukjuak90
You have to physically “be” in the country you are applying for
because there are “legal”, “financial” and “copyright” laws that
must be abided by. Partnership is like a legal binding contract.

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‘Soot’ as a serious cause of warming…… as much or more than greenhouse gasses?

Question by BB: ‘Soot’ as a serious cause of warming…… as much or more than greenhouse gasses?
As a ‘skeptic’ I believe that this is quite plausible. It is easily reproducible in my backyard. (Yes, I live in an area that has snow in the winter)

“New Study Turns Up the Heat on Soot’s Role in Himalayan Warming (w/ Video)”
December 14, 2009

A new modeling study from NASA confirms that when tiny air pollution particles we commonly call soot – also known as black carbon – travel along wind currents from densely populated south Asian cities and accumulate over a climate hotspot called the Tibetan Plateau, the result may be anything but inconsequential.

In fact, the new research, by NASA’s William Lau and collaborators, reinforces with detailed numerical analysis what earlier studies suggest: that soot and dust contribute as much (or more) to atmospheric warming in the Himalayas as greenhouse gases. This warming fuels the melting of glaciers and could threaten fresh water resources in a region that is home to more than a billion people.

Tiny air pollution particles commonly called soot, but also known as black carbon, are in the air and on the move throughout our planet. The Indo-Gangetic plain, one of the most fertile and densely populated areas on Earth, has become a hotspot for emissions of black carbon (shown in purple and white). Winds push thick clouds of black carbon and dust, which absorb heat from sunlight, toward the base of the Himalayas where they accumulate, rise, and drive a “heat pump” that affects the region’s climate.

“Over areas of the Himalayas, the rate of warming is more than five times faster than warming globally,” said William Lau, head of atmospheric sciences at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md. “Based on the differences it’s not difficult to conclude that greenhouse gases are not the sole agents of change in this region. There’s a localized phenomenon at play.”

Climatologists have generally blamed the build-up of greenhouse gases for the retreat, but Lau’s work suggests that may not be the complete story.

Best answer:

Answer by jim z
It certainly seems plausible to me. The good news is that soot is relatively short lived in the atmosphere. The bad news that China and India (especially) need to clean up their act. I have never been one to assume that humans are too insignificant to affect the climate. In fact I think we have probably emitted more CO2 than is responsible for the 100 ppmV which is the approximate increase in the last 100 years. I am simply extremely skeptical that CO2 is causing significant or hamful warming. The effects of soot is just one of many factors that are poorly understood. I wouldn’t know if it is more or less and probably has wide local variation. Obviously a lot of soot is natural from fires.

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What was this movie series/show?

Question by BTC Funk: What was this movie series/show?
Okay, this show was like a “straight to video” NON ANIMATED children series. The lead character was like 17 yrs old, give or take a few years, and he traveled to different dimensions on his bicycle.

One of the videos was about Babes in Toyland or something, and another had some mushroom people or something, i can’t remember. It was a “fixture” of my childhood, but i don’t know what its called! Someone HELP ME OUT! pleaseeeee lol

Best answer:

Answer by Showtime
look at that may help you track it down

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1940s inspired wedding ideas? Help!?

Question by mrs.v: 1940s inspired wedding ideas? Help!?
I’m having a 1940s inspired wedding in Sept. We’re playing all 40’s music, my gown is very lacy/vintagy, and my girls are wearing tea length dresses with peep toe pumps. Our invations will read “1940s period dress encouraged and rewarded!” **Not required, that seems mean lol…… I need help in DECOR….setting the MOOD…. really making it feel like the whole wedding has time traveled back! If you watch Christina Augilera’s videos “CANDY MAN” and “AIN’T NO OTHER MAN” shes got a 40s vibe goin on….. anything to help! Thanks guys!!! 😀 oh PS my colors are teal and brown 😀

Best answer:

Answer by Silver_Stars
Play lots of swing music at your reception.

Name your tables after famous night clubs of the 40s, or famous actors and actresses

Calla Lilies and ostrich feathers were popular

Use a vintage cake topper:

Do a candy buffet with 1940s candy: Root Beer Barrels, Necco Assorted Wafers, Abba Zaba, Jumbo Mint Stick, Chic-O-Stick, Chuckles Jelly Candy, Rock Candy Crystals, BitOHoney, Tootsie Roll Midgees, Tootsie Roll Pops, Red Hots, Teaberry Gum, Smarties, Jujyfruits, Jujubees, Kits Taffy, Sugar Daddy Pops

This is a good site for your guests to come up with clothing ideas:

Vintage Hairstyles

Look for Vintage Wedding by Daniela Turudich at the library

Article on Wedding Decoration

Close your eyes and imagine it’s 1940. America’s at war and you and the love of your life must get married before he ships off in two days. If you think this is as romantic as it gets, then maybe you should consider a 1940’s theme wedding.
Theme weddings are more popular than ever. Brides desire to have a wedding that stands out from others and can be remembered for its originality. Women want their wedding day to be special and different. Theme weddings allow that to happen.

One of the most romantic periods of time in American history was the 1940’s era. With the country at war and most of our men enlisted, women could do nothing but sit at home waiting for their return. The entire period boasted of hopeless love. A 1940’s wedding theme captures the essence of that hopeless and loyal love.

To capture this era, brides should go for a tailored look when choosing the wedding attire. Many brides in the 40’s didn’t wear traditional dresses, but instead opted for the suit dress. Brides can have a 40’s wedding however and still wear a wedding dress. To keep the look of the period however, brides should look for vintage dresses.

One thing a 1940’s bride should not go without is her hat and veil combo. Hats were very popular for women at this time. Veils were usually very short and attached to the hat. Men wore their military formals or zoot suits. Stripes are great for men in a 1940’s theme wedding. Paired with shiny leather shoes, the striped suits will allow the men to blend right into the era.

Hair in this era was simple and elegant. Brides can draw inspiration from stars of the period such as Veronica Lake or Lauren Bacall, who exuded class and confidence. Soft waves with the sides pinned back were a great style of the 40’s. A simple flower stuck behind one ear of each attendant would also add a great touch. Makeup for this theme should be muted and natural except for the lips. Lips were bright and usually a shade of red, drawing attention to the mouth.

Music was a huge part of the 40’s. Without the recreational choices we have today, music and dances were wildly popular. Many women met their future husbands dancing the night away. Swing music was a hit and any wedding with a 1940’s theme should certainly have a swing band at the reception.

For an added touch, the bride and groom could take swing lessons before the wedding so they could fully participate. Another idea would be to hire a swing instructor to give a quick lesson to guests during the reception. Frank Sinatra was one of the most popular artists of the time. The couple could even choose to have their first dance to his hit, “And The Way You Look Tonight”.

Decorations for a 1940’s theme wedding should be understated. Many of the weddings during this time were planned in a few days, and to truly capture the era, the bride should not go overboard. It was a very patriotic period in America with WWII raging and in coordination brides can choose to have patriotic decorations. Red and white flowers are a great way to add patriotism to floral arrangements.

Carnations or roses would work well to capture the spirit of the time. The American flag can be displayed or a flag pattern can be used for ribbons on arrangements. Little flags with names place at the base can be used for seating cards at the reception.

Another choice for decorating is the swing theme. To capture the swing theme through decorations, brides should focus on music. Place card holders could include small trumpets or saxophones. There should be an abundance of musical notes scattered in many varieties on walls and tables. Cut outs of piano keys are another great thing you can use to capture the mood. Black, white, and gold are great colors to highlight the music.

A 1940’s theme wedding can be full of romance and fun. Focusing on simplicity and the loyal love of the era, the ceremony and reception will be remembered by the couple and guests forever. It is a beautiful and easy way to create a magical and original experience for those that love and appreciate the beauty of a 1940’s wedding theme.

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