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Should I have sex with this girl from my school?

Question by jake: Should I have sex with this girl from my school?
I’m 15 and I was at this party over the weekend and everyone was getting drunk. I don’t drink but everyone else was. The hottest girl at my school (like victoria secret model hot) came over to me and told me she needed to tell me something in private. I was kind of confused because I never talk to her but I followed her up the stairs in the house anyways. We went into a room and she closed the door behind her. I asked her what she wanted and she pushed me back onto the bed in the room. Out of nowhere, she starts taking off her clothes and I’m lying on the bed confused. She’s in nothing but red lingerie and she jumps on me. I’m still lying there nervous and insanely confused. She starts dry humping me and I start to panic. She was insanely hot and I have never had sex before. She takes off her bra and start to take off here panties when I push her off of me and run out of the room. I ran down the stairs and started to run home. I was so fricking nervous, I didn’t know what to do. After I got home, I masturbated like 5 times thinking about the experience and I began to regret I hadn’t ****** her. I had a dream about her that night and I woke up the next mroning in disapointment. The next day, I went to school. Everything was going fine until I forgot we had P.E. together. I was so relieved she didn’t look at me at all so I assumed she was so drunk she couldn’t remember anything. Then, after P.E., I was walking to the locker room when she grabbed me and says to me “I’ll give you another chance, meet me at volley beach at 11 tonight. No one will be there so we can go for a little midnight swim. Don’t bother bringing a bathing suit.” She smiled and walked away while I stood there motionless. Apparently, she hadn’t forgotten. Now I’m reallly scared to go. She is so f-ing hot but I’m scared I’ll just run away again like last time. What do you think I should do?

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Answer by Annail A
If you have to ask, then no..

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Q&A: 34 dd bathing suit?

Question by ice_purple969: 34 dd bathing suit?
lane byant and victorias secret have no swim suits that fit a 34dd. I tried ebay and cant find anything that is cute or under $ 40 for just one piece. All the independent websites though they have a large selection are $ 50-$ 150 for just the top. I am 20 y/o and not ready for a “grandma suit” (look at them, ull know what im talkin about). I just want a bathing suit top that is cute and affordable. Maybe there is a secret website that I am missing. any suggestions?
Lane bryant doesnt have cute tops. And I am a 34, they have size 14 plus

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Answer by Lollie
r u sure that lane byant didn’t have any ?? they usually carry larger sizes

Lollie xoxo

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