Explore The Aquatic Wonders Of Egypt With Cheap Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh

European Resorts
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Explore The Aquatic Wonders Of Egypt With Cheap Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh

Explore The Aquatic Wonders Of Egypt With Cheap Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh

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Home Page > Travel > Explore The Aquatic Wonders Of Egypt With Cheap Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh

Explore The Aquatic Wonders Of Egypt With Cheap Holidays to Sharm el Sheikh

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Posted: Nov 03, 2010 |Comments: 0


Over the past twenty years a small fishing village has been transformed into one of Africa’s premier holiday resorts. Holidaymakers are now just as likely to enjoy cheap holidays to Sharm el Sheikh as they are to visit Magaluf or the Costa Del Sol. The advantage Egypt has over the well trodden beaches of the European resorts is that so many of the facilities are modern, and being outside of the Eurozone the tourist Pound stretches a whole lot further.

Ras Mohamed on the southernmost tip of Sinai has the pick of Aquatic life and is great for diving around the world famous coral reefs and shipwrecks of the area at the tip of Sinai. For the adrenaline fuelled holidaymaker a short trip over to the Gulf of Suez is a must for a spot of kitesurfing or windsurfing on the blustery west coast.

The nightlife in Sharm el Sheikh is definitely one of the areas highlights and totally different to the historical image Egypt projects to the outside world. Visitors can spend an evening on the main street bars, sitting on comfy Egyptian cushions smoking Shisha pipes or head to one of the mainstream clubs. Naama has a ministry of Sound and Pacha for holidaymakers that really want to let their hair down.

One of Sharm el Sheikhs most popular resorts is the Hilton Sharks Bay. A four-star resort, Sharks bay seems to provide that bit more to make it feel like excellent value for money. There is a decent choice of bars and restaurants to keep guests entertained, and feeling as if they are somewhere a bit different every night. For parents there is a children’s playground to take the younger ones to and a watersports centre for older children and adults. The hotel has direct access to a beach so any exciting activities and watersports can be combined with periods of sunbathing and relaxation.

Another good choice of resort is the Royal Albatros Moderna, offering some great onsite facilities, including diving facilities and a watersports centre. For holidaymakers preferring to relax there is a miniature golf course and free poolside sunbeds to soak up the rays. The hotel is also in close proximity to the beach so guests are never far from an enjoyable day of relaxation, with watersports included. The hotel has some excellent suites ranging from spacious family suites that include rather homely living rooms, to the opulent two bedroom, two bathroom royal suites, large enough to sleep four adults comfortably.


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Hey, I’m going on holiday for the first time alone next month, just can’t decide where! I wanted to go to a place where i could sight see (i.e. historic scenes) yet cheap enough to shop?
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