Q&A: Athens to Geneva? ID or Passport?

Question by ZK2006: Athens to Geneva? ID or Passport?
I want to travel from Athens (GR) to Geneva, but Switzerland is not an E.U. member. Can i travel only by using my I.D. or do i need a passport? I am asking because there is also the “Schengen Agreement”

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Answer by aflumpire23
good question.

To get an instant answer that you can rely on, I would go down to the local travel agency. Even though you didnt book through them (unless you did lol), I am sure that they would still be happy to tell you what you need to travel from Greece to Swizerland.

someone else may be able to give you an answer on here, but if no one else can, then go to the local travel agents (and make sure that they dont say “i dont know but I think”)

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