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Q&A: I have a question about a song I heard on Scrubs on WGN today…?

Question by darayneman: I have a question about a song I heard on Scrubs on WGN today…?
In case you didn’t see it, I believe it’s in Season 7. Possibly the second to last episode… I’m not sure. But, the janitor starts a newspaper for the hospital and publishes an article saying Dr. Cox needed a hug. Later in the episode, Karla reveals that Turk lost a testicle, and Turk was overcompensating by “remote wrestling”. There is a song that plays near the end, what is it?

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Answer by maurice
Collie Man” by Slightly Stoopid

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Question about Passport?

Question by Rachael: Question about Passport?
I am filling out the form for my passport.
It’s asking me for my occupation. I do not have an occupation but I am going to school. Should I write “Student” or leave it blank?

It also asks me for trip date, and I am not sure. I am hoping sometime next summer but have not much detail after that. Should I just leave it blank?

I am in the USA

Best answer:

Answer by gunstore hater
Just put in Student as your occupation.

Ask your parents or family members for assistance or call customer support for the airline.

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How does turkish people feel about erdogan?

Question by Romeo: How does turkish people feel about erdogan?
He has made so many changes to our country, both good and bad and from what I know people either love him or hate him.

Personaly, I dont like where my country is heading. Ever since he came in power, turkey has been more religious! Please dont message back saying that is not true because I have proof, my extended family who was a moderate muslim is now covered up in black robes, in love with AKP who is paying them good money to operate Kuran courses for the locals.

As as wel becoming more religious he slowly drifted us apart from the West and the examples of that is

1 Becoming enemies with Israel
2 While the US, Russia, China was againts the idea of Iran with nuclear power, turkey who is west ally decides to be the hero by not stopping it but trying to solve it with mutual agreement.
3 Pretending to want to join the EU but not bothering to make efforts with completing chapters and being further away from joining it then ever before

on the other hand getting closer to the arab world and the middle east by

1 Abusing the Israeli president about the palestinians
2 Increasing the Investing and trading links with the east
3 Increasing turkish influence to the arab world
4 Becoming closer to the iranians and the arabs then ever before!

All of this in recent years was not coincidence, yes he had reasons for everything but i personally think that it was all a big plan! Yes i feel sorry for the poor palestinians, but this is not our war!, there are many people around the world suffer just as much if not more then palestinians, but the only reason turkey is doing its best to help them is because they are muslim! Arabs betrayed us in world war for more money now we are going out of our way to destroy our friendship with israel and america just because they are muslim?

Erdogan is turning towards Islam and the east and his excuse to this is “the more the West push us away the more we turn towards east. This is all a game that his playing, we turks need to wake up!

Personaly I am not a fond of joining the EU, but i would rather join the EU then middle east. I dont want to see my country turning into Iran. I respect religion but I believe religion is a personal thing, its something that connects you individually to god, its not a guide to run a nation.

So my question is to my fellow turkish citizens, how do you feel about all this, how does religion affect your life and where do you see turkey in years time and where do you want to see turkey in years time. Do you not agree that Erdogan is changing our nation and our appreciation and love for Ataturk and his reforms?

Best answer:

Answer by عثمان الأمير
Romeo i am turkish and i consider Erdogan the revelation,the hero of the Turkey because thanks to him the Islamic religion (the right,the only real) are restablishing instead to keep the laicity,thanks to him we are nearest at arabic world,thanks to him finally the unfaithful israel is not accepted and i precise that religion is not something private,you are in error,religion are the teacher of the life,the manner and ALLAH swt know more.

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Confused about americans use of the word “Nationality”?

Question by David: Confused about americans use of the word “Nationality”?
Americans seem to use it to mean ethnicity or race. Example “Whats your Nationality?” “I’m 50% French, 25% Nigerian and 25% Dutch”.

Where I’m from Nationality means country of birth or citzenship eg the country writen on the passport. What do Americans call that, or are just some misusing the word nationality and it means the same in america. Can someone explain?

Best answer:

Answer by spookyjimjams
Yes, I agree that Americans don’t understand the difference between “nationality” and “ethnicity”.

Note to those who don’t get it:

Nationality = what country you are a citizen of
Ethnicity = what group of people are your ancestors made up of

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Please tell me who can help me with this Q about USA student Visa ?

Question by proteusmirabilus: Please tell me who can help me with this Q about USA student Visa ?
I have untreated Hepatitis C . I need to know definitely if that is grounds for refusing me a visa , before I actually apply . I don’t want “refused” on my passport .
If it is a definite cause for denied entry , it would be better for me to not apply at all , and consider studying in some other country .
Is there a secretary or employee I can email directly about this issue ?

Best answer:

Answer by Yak Rider
As far as I know there is no physical exam required to get a school visa. However, you are required to pay for your own treatment if you are in the US with a school visa.

Surely, if you can afford the foreign student tuition rate at a US college or university you can afford treatment for your Hep. C.

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What do you think about Michael Coren’s Comment about Turkish regime Hypocrisy?

Question by Jonathan Narvey: What do you think about Michael Coren’s Comment about Turkish regime Hypocrisy?
Turkish Genocide Still Not News!

Awful scenes around Kurdistan in eastern of Turkey but the people on the Turkish ships sailing to Gaza should thank the Lord they weren’t on an Israeli boat trying to break Turkish law. They would have been massacred. If you doubt me, ask the Kurds or the Armenians; the genocide of the latter, of course, still denied by the Turks. And invade foreign countries, also recently, and slaughter tens of thousands. I’m all for condemning Israel when it’s appropriate but I hate double standards. The Israelis gave the activists exactly what they wanted. Sad all round.

Please see the link below about Turkish Hypocrisy from Michael Coren :

“Michael Coren is a controversial talk show host on TV and radio in Canada. He is also a writer, a public speaker and a columnist for dozens of Canadians”

Best answer:

Answer by Kara Kedi
Then, Michael Coren should hate himself the most, since there is no awful scene in the eastern part of Turkey. Turkey does not target anyone, but armed terrorists who murders anyone regardless of their sex, age, ethnicity or religion. They even assassinated many Turks of Kurdish origin, who did not agree with them, and execute the members of terror organization, who realize they are only being used by the so-called leaders so refuse to obey them any more.

Turks of Kurdish origin have the exact same rights any other citizen of the country has, and there is no similarity between Turkey’s struggle against terror and the tortures, murders and human right violations that Israel perpetrates.

People like you and Michael Coren spread your propaganda only when it is your interest to do so. However, you dare to allege that there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza whereas there are “awful scenes” in Turkey. You are really out of your minds, even if you believe anybody could be fooled by that.

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