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Q&A: Hey, what if I wanted to DRIVE from California to Mexico city, do you need any kind of a special permit?

Question by sylver_cry: Hey, what if I wanted to DRIVE from California to Mexico city, do you need any kind of a special permit?
I know that I need an I.D. and proof of citizenship, (or did the “passport required” thing go into effect yet?) but aside from that, is there any special permit I need because I’d be driving my car instead of taking a flight or a bus? I’m planning a road trip and I just want ot know cause I don’t want to get in any kind of trouble with them cop dudes down there. Thanks for your answers!

Best answer:

Answer by T. Biggums
You need a passport, your CA drivers license, and mexican auto insurance. There are a few US companies that will give u temporary mexican auto insurance. I know Sanborns off hand does it. This is Mandatory down there now by the way even if you are doing a simple road trip.

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Top 3 Golf Resorts in California

European Resorts
by Mait Jüriado

Top 3 Golf Resorts in California

Top 3 Golf Resorts in California

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Home Page > Travel > Top 3 Golf Resorts in California

Top 3 Golf Resorts in California

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Posted: Aug 25, 2008 |Comments: 0



Picture a land where golf runs to the very heart of society, where there’s brilliant sunshine, a guaranteed friendly welcome and some outstanding courses. You’ve just pictured California’s golf scene – and with its varied and stunning environments and excellent food and wine, it’s no wonder that the region is quickly becoming a must on any discerning golfer’s holiday plans. The trouble is that California’s golf clubs are numerous as well as fine so it can be an overwhelming choice…Just exactly where should you stay and where should you play? Quite a pleasant dilemma, but nonetheless, you want to make sure you get it right. Here’s my top three golf resorts in California.

Four Seasons Resort Aviara

Okay, so the Four Seasons Resort only has one course in its grounds – but what a round of golf! California’s Aviara golf club has been named as one of the best resort golf courses in America by both Golf Digest and Golf Magazine and offers a memorable coastal layout with a part 72, punctuated by colourful flora and fauna and stunning scenery. This Californian golf club really must be played to be believed!

The course was designed by Arnold Palmer and opened in 1991, providing 7,007 yards of rolling fairways and challenging bunker and water features. The biggest water ‘feature’ of all, of course, is the ocean view hole which provides an image you won’t forget – just make sure it doesn’t put you off your shot.

Pelican Hill

Although the golf resort at Pelican Hill opens in January next year, we already know it’s going to be very special. It’s a .3bn investment by one of the wealthiest men in the world. He’s recruited some of the finest hoteliers and spent fortunes on the facilities and bedrooms. We were very, very impressed during our pre-opening visit. The “perfected” two courses and superb clubhouse have been open for a year and the service, scenery and experience are remarkable.

Pelican Hill will definitely be a memorable addition to the best golf holidays in California. Pacific views, massive bedrooms, beyond state-of-the art facilities and gracious service…It’s a must.

As well as the qualities of the resort, what makes Pelican Hill golf club in California so great? There are two courses which instantly makes it twice as enjoyable and the classic Newport and Laguna Beaches are just down the road. Plus, Los Angeles is only 45 minutes away. Variety, quality, ease of access and very pretty golf…That’s great!

The Ocean North golf course is famous for the visual treat it presents golfers with. Not only is it set within 400 acres of stunning reserve but several of the holes run alongside the cliffs. The Ocean South matches the beauty of its ‘north cousin’ but is a more subtle challenge with with tricky bunkers, deceptive elevations and canyons all vying for your ball. Sensational USA golf.

Pebble Beach Resorts

In terms of sheer golfing brilliance in such a confined space, you can’t beat a stay at Pebble Beach. With three hotels and three world-class courses, it’s been rated at USA No.1 for many years and you can’t fault it. Spyglass is my favourite course, just beating the more famous Pebble Beach but Spanish Bay is also a beautiful links course…It’s a tremendous trio.

Pebble Beach Golf Links: opened in 1919, has hosted numerous competitions, including the US Open several times and is consistently voted No. 1 Public course in America by Golf Digest.

Another Californian golf course honoured by Golf Digest is Spyglass Hill. The unusual name of the course is matched by the names of some of the holes – all based on Robert Louis Stevenson’s ‘Treasure Island’ – “Black Dog” and “Billy Bones” being two examples. Opened in 1966, this difficult course changes its terrain at the drop of a hat. While the first five holes are characterised by sandy seaside dunes, the remaining 14 suddenly require you to cut through pines and elevated greens. Although it is rated as a Par 72, the stroke average during the 1999 US Amateur competition was over 79 so be ready to play Stableford and swallow your pride. Finally, the Links at Spanish Bay is a course that could almost be in Scotland (were it not for the outstanding weather!) – even with sandy wasteland, bristly grasses and a strong ocean breeze, it’s an enjoyable challenge that rarely becomes frustrating.

And if you want even more, there’s Poppy Hills, Cordevalle and Pasatiempo (all in the US Top 100) within an hour. Simply beyond world-class golfing breaks.

Pebble Beach also wins thanks to the charms of Carmel and the easy-going beaches and great, great weather. The food is delicious and very, very fresh. All in all, a golf holiday in California offers a quality change from the European game. Next time you’re considering a golfing break abroad, you have to consider America’s sunshine coast…And why not go for a couple of weeks and tour all three or my recommendations?

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Morgan Clarke
About the Author:

Morgan Clarke is the Chairman of Your Golf Holidays, a company that has been providing bespoke golf holidays for over 25 years. They are experts in the world’s best places to play, including golf clubs in California, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Morocco and over 20 other countries.


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What are the best golf clubs for the money ?
What do the numbers mean on golf clubs ?

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Dec 29, 2008

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Morgan Clarke is the Chairman of Your Golf Holidays, a company that has been providing bespoke golf holidays for over 25 years. They are experts in the world’s best places to play, including golf clubs in California, France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Dubai, Morocco and over 20 other countries.

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Q&A: Are you from California? Is this woman creepy or what?

by Robert Scott

Question by Lisa: Are you from California? Is this woman creepy or what?
Meg Whitman: I’m A Huge Fan Of Van Jones
On May 6, 2009, Meg Whitman, who is running for governor of California, told reporters that she is a huge fan of Obama green czar Van Jones.

Meg Whitman and Van Jones (“Love Boat” Parody)
In July 2008, Meg Whitman, Van Jones and Jimmy Carter took a “Climate Change Cruise” together. Van really impressed Meg…

Best answer:

Answer by Not My Fault!
I thought she was a reasonable person until she sunk her ship with her slobbering appraisal of Jones. Then she back peddles about how she didn’t really know everything about him. She’s even more questionable if she’s taking a “climate change” cruise. Does that mean she’s another environmental wacko that won’t drill for OUR oil?

Heck, she sounds more of a wimp than Arnold! Now I don’t know who I would want. It sure isn’t any of the dems that are running. (I’m glad the idiot mayor for LA decided he’s not running – maybe because he knows he’d loose really bad even though he claims he is concerned about helping LA).

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Q&A: Does anybody know when the next refresh of google map “street view” is in the bay area in California?

by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts

Question by BrianT: Does anybody know when the next refresh of google map “street view” is in the bay area in California?

Best answer:

Answer by AF
I wouldn’t hold your breath as Google has yet to deliver respectable satellite images of many densely populated areas of the United States. After all these years, Google has yet to provide decent satellite images of ANYWHERE in Ottawa County, Michigan, even though it is the 235th biggest county in the United States (out of 3,077 counties). So it is definitely a densely populated place.


Grand Haven, Michigan, Google Maps:,-86.247225&spn=0.028032,0.052872&z=14

That is as good as it gets for Ottawa County using Google Maps!

Grand Haven, Michigan, Yahoo Maps:

Nice. But wait, you can zoom in a lot farther:

Grand Haven, Michigan, Live Search Maps:

Similar to Yahoo Maps.

Zoomed in:

Not quite as good as Yahoo Maps.

However, they also have Bird’s Eye:


Bird’s Eye, zoomed in:

Bird’s Eye, rotated:

Google Maps are just so lame.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by - November 28, 2010 at 7:05 pm

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Q&A: Question about BAGGAGE? Next week we leave for California on DELTA…..?

by Edward Bodnar Photographer

Question by Rosy M: Question about BAGGAGE? Next week we leave for California on DELTA…..?
With a baby and a toddler, I am packed to the gills with stuff. I know the babyseat does not count as a “piece of luggage”, does a playpen or pack n play? Has anyone flown with one of these? We will need it for our son to sleep in at night. I called Delta support, but the gentleman clearly from another country didn’t know what a playpen was???? Anyone have any clues? THANK YOU… links would be very much appreciated!

Best answer:

Answer by The Italian Guy
See whats they said

Carry-on Baggage
You can carry on one bag plus one personal item per passenger as long as it:

Weighs less than 40 pounds (18 kg).
Does not exceed 45 inches when you total length plus width plus height.
Fits easily in our SizeCheck® unit (approximately 22″x14″x9″).
Fits in an overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you.
Here are some examples of personal items:

Male or female purse
Laptop computer (All laptop/computers must be carried aboard and cannot be checked. For information about Delta’s battery-saving system for laptops, visit In-flight Power)
Camera case
Diaper bag
Items of a similar or smaller size to those listed above, such as Portable Electronic Devices.
These additional items are okay to carry on and do not count towards your allowance:

Food items for immediate consumption
Assistive devices such as wheelchairs or crutches, provided passenger is dependent on them
One box or bag of duty free merchandise
A coat or jacket
An umbrella
One item of reading material
There may be more limits to carry-on baggage based on available space and additional restrictions on certain flights.

Add your own answer in the comments!

Be the first to comment - What do you think?  Posted by - November 16, 2010 at 2:06 am

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How much would a used Huffy California Dreaming “cruising” style one speed, foot?

by blmiers2

Question by Mark w/a “K”: How much would a used Huffy California Dreaming “cruising” style one speed, foot?
….brake “girl`s” (no crotch~killer bar) bike be worth in U.S. dollars?
Wonderful…I just bought it for $ 40…

Best answer:

Answer by edward w
$ 15 if your lucky….it doesnt get any cheaper than this, a Huffy.
Edit: if there is anyone who is giving thumbs down who cares to give a good reason as to why a bike of this type would be worth more then please stand up and be heard….Im sure it will be interesting and likely get a thumbs down from us too!

Give your answer to this question below!

1 comment - What do you think?  Posted by - October 21, 2010 at 6:04 am

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