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Hotwire’s secret feature saves you money on hotels

Looking to save money on hotels? Try a hot deal. Hotwire won’t reveal the name of the exact hotel you’ll be getting until after you’ve booked but they’ll usually give you a clue that’s almost 100% correct. An example is when you we looked up Las Vegas hotels we were shown a hotel described as “4-star Casino Hotel in Las Vegas Convention Center – Country Club area” then later Hotwire states if you click the listing “Book soon! The last person got the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.” The rate was $45.00 per night! Incredible savings and not once out of hundreds of hotel bookings with Hotwire was the “last person got” hotel mentioned not booked. You can save up to 70% on rack rates!

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What can cause quick changes in skin color (other than sun damage and smoking)?

Question by one who enjoys learning: What can cause quick changes in skin color (other than sun damage and smoking)?
just curious because one thing that happened to me was that since being a child up to 16 years old, I had skin that had a glowing appearance and tanned easily, then after that the skin became pale and dull and refused to tan easily without burning. But when this change happened within a two years period, the skin never regained color or worsened. No one else in my family has experienced this, what can cause this? Vitamin deficiency? I never eat vegetables or fruit much, could that be what’s causing it? If so, is it reversible? Will vitamin supplements help? How long would that take? What else could cause this to happen? I’ve read that tomatoes are “the edible sunscreen” and that if you consume a tomato for 6 months straight it will return some color to the skin, as well as halving the time it takes for the skin to be burned. But any feedback would be appreciated.
I do not expose myself to the sun that much and I have never smoked. I work out a lot.

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Answer by Sarza
It could be what you are eating or check if you have a skin disorder or blood. See a Dermatologist.

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