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Q&A: UEFA Euro 2008 (Sore Loser Fans)?

Question by Tariq77: UEFA Euro 2008 (Sore Loser Fans)?
“Ok IN ALL FAIRNESS CROATIA WON THAT GAME. They dominated the whole match had so many unbelievable chances and were robbed of their win by a incompetent italian ref who DOESNT comprehend how to blow a frickin whistle. I hope my cousins the germans embarass the Turks and make me proud”. – BABA

“I am quoting someone”

Why can’t people accept the fact that their side lost a match?.

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Answer by What?
I don’t know but I do think Germany will take it all but I have a bit of hope for the Underdogs Russia, Did you see that game They freakin Dominated the Netherlands throughout the whole match. that was one of the best games in the Euro08

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Q&A: Scrubs diehard fans, I need help locating an episode + quotes?

Question by Zoey: Scrubs diehard fans, I need help locating an episode + quotes?
Warning for minor spoiler I suppose, but not really

It was the episode where Turk wanted to work with a certain surgeon. However he never had the chance to because the guy would always choose someone else. He eventually got so frustrated that he yelled “Did you ever notice how the both of you are Asian??”

Later on in the ep he apologized to the surgeon.

Please help me find what episode this is and thanks

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Answer by Jenn
im not quite sure what episode this is but you can go on and look it up. or even itunes.

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I am a diehard orlando magic fan and this past season’s run to the nba finals has me asking the question: at this time next year which orlando magic sqaud will be better? this past 08-09 season’s sqaud that made it to the finals and lost 4-1 to kobe and the lakers, or this upcoming 09-10 sqaud thats has lost 2 starters in Hedo Turk and Courtney Lee but has gained a proven nba superstar in vince carter. and of course you have D.Howard, J.Nelson and R. Lewis that remain so with that being said which sqaud is the better?

08-09 sqaud:
c-d.howard/Bench: m.pietrus, m.gortat, t.battie, a.johnson, j.reddick

09-10 squad
c-d.howard/Bench: m.barnes, m.pietrus, m,gortat, j.reddick,

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Answer by andricss j

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Hey “Scrubs” fans, pls help!?

Question by Rebel Heart: Hey “Scrubs” fans, pls help!?
The season when Carla + Turk have their baby and JD knocks a co-worker up… what season is that?

How many seasons total? are they all in DVD? I can only find up to 5th season to purchase on-line.

I really appreciate your help.. from one fan to another.

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Answer by Saint Sazzle
Name of the episode—“My Best Friends’ Baby’s Baby And My Baby’s Baby”..Season Number 6

In total there are 7 seasons of Scrubs

Hmm..they only have up to the fifth season right now..

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by blmiers2

Question by TJ: WIKI USERS & ASIA CRUISE FANS! I need help!?
on wikipedia if you know any info good info can you help improve “Walk Me Out” & her album “Who Is Asia Cruise”? Please! Real information only.

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Answer by papercutfaint
I’ve heard of her because I’m from her hometown Jacksonville, FL, but I don’t know much about her. I think I saw her on the news once. Anyway good luck.

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Harry Potter fans and anyone else–What do you think?

by Templarion

Question by H: Harry Potter fans and anyone else–What do you think?
This is a snippet from a story my friend and I are writing, and I want to know how other people (outside of our little inside joke world) perceive this. It is Harry Potter related, as you’ll probably realize. We just used J.K. Rowling’s world as the setting. Here’s what’s going on: Rosetta married Gilderoy Lockhart’s brother, who died, and now she wants to marry Gilderoy for money. But she soon finds out that Gilderoy has already found a wife…
“Darling, we’re going out today,” Rosetta announced, prancing into Valencia’s room and drumming her Deadly Scarlet fingernails on her daughter’s vanity.
“Where to?” Valencia put down the tube of pink lipstick she had been applying and looked up at her mother.
“The Leaky Cauldron. It’s a pub in London. We’re meeting your uncle Gilderoy there, as I’ve told you already.”
Valencia sighed and rubbed her lips together. “When are we leaving?”
“Now,” Rosetta said without hesitation. “Or as long as it takes to pack. You might want to overpack.” She grinned diabolically at her fingernails. “I expect we’ll be away for quite some time.”
An hour later, Valencia and Rosetta stood in front of the Lockhart mansion, both clutching their luggage.
“Are we Apparating, Mother?” Valencia asked.
“Not all the way, no, but we will Apparate to the dock. We will be traveling by Le Sottomarino del Cavaliere.”
Valencia automatically translated the Italian to English in her mind. “The Knight Submarine.” She frowned. Traveling by sea made her sick.
“Exactly.” Rosetta pulled out her pocket mirror and redid her mascara. “We’re off.”
12. Le Sottomarino del Cavaliere, on which the Original Pun is Lost Entirely
Le Sottomarino del Cavaliere turned out to be a dingy little watercraft with one tiny porthole and a single smeared, cracked window. It was rusty and dented, and looked as though it might collapse if submersed in water.
They were greeted at the entrance by a greasy-haired youth with a severe acne problem.
“Ackerley Shunpike, at your serveece,” he announced in a clearly fake Italian accent. He surveyed the newest passengers and let out a low, awestruck whistle. He bowed so low that his cap fell off.
“I reserved our quarters in advance. Gerrard is the name.” Rosetta sniffed, apparently disapproving of the submarine’s staff. Greasy people repulsed her.
Ackerley consulted the list in front of him and looked up at Rosetta and Valencia with a satisfied smirk. “First class, no? Ah, yes, of course. Right dis way, lovely ladees.” The two handed their luggage over to a burly young man, who promised to make sure it reached their destination safely. That out of the way, Ackerley motioned for the two women to climb through the porthole.
Valencia stared at her mother. They were actually getting into this piece of junk? And what was ‘first class’ supposed to mean? Sailing across the ocean in a garbage can for a month would have been more comfortable than spending a couple of hours in that metal disaster.
“Go, Valencia,” Rosetta ordered.
Valencia shut her eyes so she wouldn’t have to look at the slime that decorated the edges of the porthole. Then, stepping carefully so she wouldn’t dirty her cashmere pants, she squeezed through it.
When Valencia had imagined the inside of the Knight Submarine, she had pictured a tiny, enclosed space with hardly enough oxygen to breathe and the view of a polluted ocean through the grimy window.
How very wrong she was. When she entered through the tiny porthole, Valencia saw to her amazement that it looked nothing like the inside of a Muggle submarine at all. In fact, it bore an uncanny resemblance to her own mansion home, and was at least ten times as large. She gazed at her surroundings in utter astonishment, wondering just how many undetectable expansion charms had been used to create this king among submersibles. Intricately patterned rugs and carpets covered the floor, balconies and staircases led to oak doors with brass handles and knockers, and waiters (all of whom were Italian models) strode to and fro among the countless circular tables, bearing trays of food to satisfy passengers’ appetites. A fountain in the center of it all gently spewed crystal-clear water into its marble basin, which drained right into the ocean and repeated the cycle. Beneath a moving oil painting of a cherub feeding grapes to a puppy, a group of musicians played.
Valencia stood frozen in shock.
“Eet’s nice, eesn’t eet?” Ackerley said from his position at her right.
Valencia only nodded. She was lost for words.
“Take us to our lodgings,” Rosetta said imperiously, and they set off, Ackerley leading, Rosetta trailing at the rear.
Ackerley insisted on walking next to Valencia, something that greatly annoyed her. He kept glancing at her expectantly and raising one eyebrow, as if waiting for her to flirt with
with him. Something that was hard to understand, since his appearance wasn’t appealing by anyone’s standards.
On the down side, she attracted unwanted attention from the male passengers without doing anything at all. Their waiter at dinner had called her “Hey, gorgeous.” Then, as they passed the orchestra, the violinist winked at her. Men turned their heads to stare at the two part-veelas wherever they went. A boy of fifteen had asked for Rosetta’s owl number(?), and one elderly wizard flirted with Valencia for a quarter of an hour before his furious wife dragged him away.
Valencia supposed she should have been amused by all of this, but it got to be unbearably annoying after the first day. When her mother informed her that they still had two more days to endure aboard the submarine, she had to bite her tongue to keep back a scream of frustration.
“So, Hackerknee,” Valencia said finally, butchering his name on purpose, “how did you come to work aboard Le Sottomarino del Cavaliere?”
“It is Ackerley, Signora, but you may call me whatever you pleese.” He grinned, showing crooked yellow teeth. Valencia bit her lip but didn’t recoil.
“Oh, I figured spending a leetle time away from home would do me good,” Ackerley answered as they started up a gracefully winding staircase. “My leetle brother was always de favorite, de one who got all the attention.” He grimaced. “Just because he was the conductor on dat stoopid bus.” He leaned to the side and spat on the carpeted floor below. Rosetta’s eyes widened in alarm, and she blew on her fingernails, ready to use them should the need crop up.
Seeing her expression, Ackerley chuckled. “Anyway,” he resumed, “I flew out here, by broom, you know, got dis job, ditched de Cockney accent. Wasn’t hard to doo.” He licked his disgusting teeth. “I like dis Italian food, I like eet a lot.”
Valencia swallowed convulsively and moved forward to walk three steps ahead of him.
At last, they reached the landing, and mother and daughter stumbled forward quickly, eager to get away from Ackerley. But fortune was not on their side.
“Dis way, if you pleese, Signoras,” he said, grabbing Valencia’s arm and pulling her to the left. Rosetta was about to exclaim in anger, but at that moment, her cherry red heels skidded a little too hard against the carpet, and the resulting friction knocked her over.
“Lissen, lady, are you..sing’le?” Ackerley whispered in Valencia’s ear, taking advantage of Rosetta’s momentary distraction. In his haste, he quite forgot to use his fake-o Italian accent. “‘Cos you know, I’m avai’able.”
He was so close Valencia could smell the garlic on his breath. “Actually, I’m engaged,” she said a little too loudly, starting to feel nauseous. “To a wizard…from Peru.” She wriggled out of his grasp. “And, anyway, you’re…not my type.”
Valencia’s journey onboard Le Sottomarino del Cavaliere had its ups and downs. On the plus side, the food was delicious and her sleeping quarters definitely passed as ‘first class.’
The last couple of days at sea passed almost uneventfully, except for the fact that Valencia kept receiving sappy love letters from a Mr. Ackerson (It wasn’t hard to guess who her secret admirer was). When she and Rosetta finally stepped off the submarine at a secret Wizarding dock near London, she almost collapsed on the road.
“Ciao!” Ackerley Shunpike called cheerily as the submarine descended back under the water’s surface.
“That man,” Rosetta muttered angrily. “Throwing himself at your feet as if he hasn’t got anything better to do with his life. It’s disgusting.”
Valencia had seen Rosetta throw herself at the feet of countless men in a similar way, but knew better than to mention it.
Their luggage was delivered to them outside the Leaky Cauldron by the same burly young man. Valencia wondered why he didn’t try to flirt with her, too, but was grateful for it.
She started for the door of the pub, but Rosetta grabbed her by the collar and hauled her back.
“Have you lost your mind?!!” she shrieked, and dragged her daugher behind the shop next door. “I haven’t finished putting on my make-up! I can’t go in there and have Gilderoy see me like this!”
“It’s so nice to have fans,” Gilderoy went on. “But when you’re this good-looking, it isn’t a surprise when twenty fan letters arrive a day.” His eyes went out of focus. “I’ve sometimes wondered if there’s another reason for it, but…” He trailed off. “Do you know why I’m so popular?”
“No…” Rosetta’s answer was vague, hardly an answer at all, but Gilderoy just smiled at her and proceeded to tell her about all the fan letters he had received, explaining how this witch or that had complimented him on his new robes, how he was always asked how he got to be so handsome, et cetera, et cetera.
All this time, Valencia sat back in her chair and tried to ignore all the stares she was attracting. She ignored her ex-uncle’s rambling until it reached a point where it started to get very interesting.
Valencia watched her mother beautify herself for a full twenty minutes. Then she had to wait while Rosetta fished in her suitcase for a purse that matched her outfit.
Finally, Rosetta ended her beauty session and stalked into the Leaky Cauldron, Valencia trailing behind her.
Everyone stopped talking to watch the two unbelievably beautiful women enter the pub. Tom the barman stopped wiping out a used tankard; tiny old Tiberius Ogden halted in his discussion with Beatrice Bloxham on children’s rights. Even the most stoic of wizards gaped at the Italian part-veelas.
Only one voice echoed in the silence. “Ah, you must be Rosetta Lucia Gerrard!”
Gilderoy Lockhart stood up and strode forward to shake Rosetta’s hand.
“I was ever so pleased to learn that I have a brother,” he said enthusiastically, seemingly unfazed by her outstanding beauty. He wrung her hand as if he intended to break it off and take it with him.
Then, quite suddenly, the excitement seemed to drain from him. He let her hand fall again, and his handsome features appeared to droop before his audience.
“Well, I had a brother,” he said in a mournful voice. Tears began to form in those twinkling blue eyes of his. His gloom was so apparent that he seemed almost to be wilting.
“Gilderoy, what has happened to you?” Rosetta demanded, confused and a little scared. She grabbed his shoulders and shook him. “You know your brother. Why is his death such a shock? I assumed you were informed of it–”
“He really did die?” Gilderoy whimpered. “So, it’s true, the brother I had and didn’t remember is dead.” He collapsed against Rosetta.
“Gilderoy! GILDEROY!” Rosetta grabbed his ears by the tips of her fingers and pried him off of her. “What’s wrong with you?!”
“He’s dead! My brother is dead!” Gilderoy moaned.
Rosetta couldn’t remember a time when she had felt this utterly bamboozled. Why was Gilderoy acting as though he had just recovered from a particularly odd case of amnesia? But she wasn’t a stupid woman; in fact, she was quite clever, so she speedily concocted a plan and put it into action.
“No, Gilderoy dearest, your brother is not dead, you never had a brother,” she said quickly, hoisting him into a standing position and looking him directly in the eye. “Now, you mustn’t grieve for a person who never existed.”
Gilderoy stopped whimpering and nodded. “I suppose…yes, it is a little silly.”
Using incredible strength for her dainty size, Rosetta steered Gilderoy back to his table and plopped him into a chair. “Sit,” she commanded, settling herself next to him. Her plan had been to flirt with him almost incessantly, until he thought he was in love and begged her to marry him. But it seemed that her hopes of marrying a man with his mind intact seemed to have been dashed; it was plain to see that Gilderoy was falling apart. She wondered what had happened to bring about this catastrophe.
“So, Gilderoy,” she said, sounding perfectly composed, although her insides were churning with frustration, “how are you?”
“Oh, I’m doing just splendidly. The Manor is in good shape, I’m healthy, my memory’s a little faint here and there, but I’m just as gorgeous as I’ve always been.” He ran a finger through his golden hair and winked at Rosetta. Then he narrowed his eyes and studied her more closely. “Do I know you?”
“No,” Rosetta lied. “This is our first meeting…but I have the feeling we’ll be…er…great friends.” She smirked.
“How wonderful!” Gilderoy said happily. “It’s so nice to meet a new friend, isn’t it?”
“Yes, it most certainly is,” Rosetta agreed emphatically. “Especially one as handsome as you.”
“I know,” Gilderoy giggled. “I’m quite the guy, aren’t I?”
“Yes, Gilderoy.” But Rosetta wasn’t looking at him. She was staring down at her fingernails, which were smoking again. “Yes, you are.”
“Traps?” ‘Gil’ said cluelessly. “I don’t see any traps.” Then he smiled and winked knowingly. “You’re a lion hunter, aren’t you?” He chuckled and said, as though informing a foolish child that leprechauns don’t exixt, “There aren’t any lions here, silly, this is London!”
Rosetta rolled her eyes. “I’m not a monster, and I’m not a lion hunter.”
“If we’re speaking metaphorically, then yes, you are a lion hunter, and if we’re speaking in the normal way, then yes, you are a monster!” Narcissa said; there was almost steam rising off of her, she was so furious.
“Say that again,” Rosetta challenged coldly, standing up to face her.
“I’ll do more than that,” Narcissa said in a deadly whisper. Snatching a bowl of steaming soup from a nearby table, she cried, “MONSTER!!” and poured the hot contents down the front of Rosetta’s genuine leopard fur coat.
Sorry, it’s really long. And you might not get some of it because parts of it are a little inside-jokey. I just need an opinion, because I might show it to friends not in on the jokes.

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Answer by Sirius Black
Interesting set-up and plot line, but I sorta lost focus after they got on the submarine. I dunno why…but not bad.

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