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Can I just use my ID to get back in the United States from the Bahamas?

Question by Jenny J: Can I just use my ID to get back in the United States from the Bahamas?
According to the U.S. Dept. of State “All Americans traveling by air outside of the United States are required to present a passport or other valid travel document to enter or re-enter the United States.” What do they mean by “or other valid travel document? Can’t I just bring a drivers license, birth certificate, and social security card?

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Answer by Gerald J
A driver’s license, ss card or birth certificate are not valid travel documents for travel to Bermuda, other examples of valid travel documents for people other than yourself are Nexus cards for travel between Canada and military id’s for military personnel. You need a passport unless you have one of the “other” travel documents listed on this website:

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What do u think of this person?I know u don’t know him at all.plz just say ur ideas……..?

Question by anne c: What do u think of this person?I know u don’t know him at all.plz just say ur ideas……..?
The new era in Iran’s history opened in the 1920s with the coming to power of Reza Khan, a towering figure whose unique personality and unique career left a deep imprint upon the life of his nation. Reza Khan’s rapid ascent from common soldier to King could be compared with the rise of Napoleon in France or Bernadotte in Sweden; however, it was more striking in terms of the social distance covered. Napoleon had the advantage of going to a military academy before embarking on a regular army career. Bernadotte was indeed a soldier who carried “the marshal’s baton” in his knapsack and ended as king, but a king in a foreign country, to some extent imposed by external influence. Not so Reza Shah, who grew up in a purely Iranian environment, assumed the imperial rank among his own people, and thus created a real saga of a self-made man against the background of Iran’s monarchical tradition.
In his national policies two main features stood out: nationalism and modernization. In this respect he could be compared to Peter the Great, who launched Russia from her medieval slumber upon a path of modernity. Among his contemporaries Reza Shah was frequently compared to his neighbor, of whose attitudes and reforms he was fully aware. The two leaders had certainly a good deal in common: their burning nationalism, their determination to modernize their countries, and their critical attitude towards the intrusion of religion into the public life of their respective nations. But the two also differed considerably from each other. While Ataturk was willing to burn the bridges with the past, Reza Shah not only maintained the institution of monarchy but also promoted a revived consciousness of ancient Achaemenian glory, particularly through architectural symbolism. In this sense, of course, he was more fortunate because his nation had had a long record of civilized life when the Turks were still leading a nomadic existence in the steppes of central Asia.

In the subsequent chapters a group of specialists will review in greater detail the achievements of both Reza Shah and his son and successor, Mohammad Reza. In these introductory remarks we will limit ourselves to the main points in the work and struggles of these two rulers. Reza Shah’s achievements could be summed up under three headings: building up the infrastructure of a modern state, asserting independence from foreign domination, and launching sociocultural reforms. With regard to the first, Reza Shah did indeed lay down the foundations without which a modern state could not function. These included assertion of government authority and national unification in the face of various centrifugal and anarchistic forces; the creation of a reliable army under national command; establishment of a modern fiscal system based on rational organization; and development of the minimum of communications and transportation facilities compatible with the requirements of a modern state.

Assertion of independence from foreign occupation and control was the second major achievement of Reza Shah. At the very outset of his rule he had to face the threat of militant Communism imported into Iran with the advancing Red Army which, despite the repudiation by the Bolsheviks of czarist Russia’s imperialistic practices, fell into the old pattern of occupying the northern provinces of Iran and threatening the integrity of the entire state. This struggle for emancipation from foreign control was marked by two crises. The first was the Soviet attempt to set up a separatist Communist government in the province of Gilan. This required both military and diplomatic countermeasures, the outcome being the conclusion of the Soviet-Iranian Treaty of February 1921 and the subsequent withdrawal of Soviet troops from Iranian territory. The treaty, however, was negotiated by Iranian representatives in Moscow while Reza Khan, not yet fully in power, was personally commanding military operations against the northern rebels and their Soviet allies. This perhaps explains why the treaty was burdened with an onerous clause in the form of article 6 authorizing entry of Soviet troops into Iranian territory, should the latter become a base for anti-Soviet aggression. Although the attached memoranda made it clear that the provision in question comprised only the toleration by the Iranian government of the anti- Soviet activities of White Russian elements against the Soviet territory, in subsequent years Moscow tended to give a more comprehensive interpretation to this clause by including in it Iran’s formal ties with Western powers during the period following World War II, which clearly was not encompassed by the terms of the original clause. Regardless, however, of the text of the treaty in question, Reza Shah succeeded in removing the Soviet presence in Iran and in effectively curbing the activities of Soviet agents and their
The second crisis that the Shah faced was the one with Great Britain. It revolved around

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Answer by Erik Van Thienen
One word : SAVAK. As bad as the present Islamic Republic Of Iran Intelligence Ministry.

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Q&A: Why don’t we just assassinate Kim Sung Ill?

by steve_w

Question by Patrick: Why don’t we just assassinate Kim Sung Ill?
We should have done the same with Saddam….. Instead of sending in thousands of youg men to die, why didn’t we just get a guy to snipe Saddam?

Why don’t we just do the same to Kim Sung Ill? And please don’t tell me that would be “bullyish” or it’s not our place. THey are threatening to “wipe the US off the map.” We have every right to snipe that maniac.
I don’t care about his name. That’s beyonf the point, moron.

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Answer by Dickn Cider
I was thinking the same thing about Bush.

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Why not just detain everyone in Arizona until they can prove citizenship?

Question by Clueless Ref: Why not just detain everyone in Arizona until they can prove citizenship?
Whenever someone is asked by the police for ID, everyone in Arizona should be made to produce a birth certificate or passport – not just those that are “reasonably suspicious” (i.e. hispanic, speaking spanish, foreign, whatever). If Arizonans really wanted to fix this problem, they would step up to the plate and accept scrutiny just like everyone else. Anything less is discrimination.

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Answer by Philip McCrevice

Um, they are.

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I just installed a game I loved: Age of Empires Gold Edition (Expansion) but I’m having a little trouble!?

by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts

Question by Daniel K: I just installed a game I loved: Age of Empires Gold Edition (Expansion) but I’m having a little trouble!?
When I go to play a “Random Map”, I don’t know how to change my population limit to more than 50. Anybody know how?

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Answer by secretman246
theres a option just before you play that you can custumze all the things like was civilization and how far you can upgrade(stone age,iron age ect)

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Just who does America think it is, God?

Question by Reuben: Just who does America think it is, God?
I ask you to read over these brief remarks, thoughtfully consider them, and add anything that you may think is appropriate to the effort of ‘enlightening’ me. Thank you! (If these remarks are not brief enough, perhaps you are ADHD.)

—–“Every man did that which was right in his own eyes” (Judges 21:25).

You know, I finally figured out why Christ refers to His people as ‘sheep’. See John 10. I saw some examples of it out in the Hill Country of Texas south of Kerrville in 1979. He refers to His people as ‘sheep’ because sheep are the dumbest animals on the face of this earth! A wolf doesn’t even have to wear ‘sheep’s clothing’ in order to get into the fold. A wolf can walk right in, and they won’t even begin to scatter until he has one of them by the throat. Have you ever witnessed it? It’s not the least bit amusing . . .

Christ did say “Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.” in Matthew 23:38, some 39 years before Jerusalem was destroyed for a second time by Titus and the Roman Army in AD70. Did He not? [Makes you wonder who the ‘he’ of Daniel 9:27 is now, doesn’t it? ‘He’ isn’t the Antichrist!] . . .

Israel celebrated its 62nd Anniversary of Statehood on May 14th of this year. (See Matthew 24:32.) Biblically, God identifies Jerusalem as a city “called by My Name” (or so it was until it rejected and murdered His Son). Islamic peoples believe that the Dome of the Rock is where Mohammad ascended to heaven on a winged horse (Surah XVII:11 of the Qur’an) at the “furthest mosque.” There was no mosque in Jerusalem until 691AD. [Too, read about Ishmael in Genesis 16:7–15. He bears a striking resemblance to those amongst us today, does he not? It’s not a ‘resemblance’. It’s [been] fulfillment all of this time–––all 3,905 years of it!]

The Ottoman Turks took over Jerusalem around 1517AD, and it was later won by the British Army General Allenby in 1917. In 1927 the Balfour Declaration gave these territories to the ‘Jewish’ people who were in exile. However, Churchill redrew the boundaries in 1923 when he realized the value of the oil rich territories in the Middle East. This action on Churchill’s part has caused much dispute in relatively-recent past years between Israeli and Palestinian leaders. [Let’s not forget that Good Ole America has helped to perpetuate this problem too.]

Is History Repeating Itself? You bet it is! Apparently we do think that we’re God, because we have presumed to take His place–––to circumvent and reverse the course of events that He saw to [or permitted] which led to the Destruction of Jerusalem for a second time in AD70–––by repatriating the former Land of Palestine (not ‘Israel’ since 722BC) to Israelites scattered by Him into the rest of the world as far back as 722BC (the “lost sheep of the house of Israel” Christ called them in Matthew 10:6)!

However, our National Leader’s true motives had everything to do with one particular Natural Resource, and the Currency that it represents: Oil! Makes you feel real proud of yourselves doesn’t it? Especially if you’re a Patriot I’ll bet (I don’t want to hear it. I spent half of my life in the US Army [13B4PXH]: 11/4/1982––12/24/2002)!

[Those ‘sheep’ had migrated over the centuries to the territories of modern–day Europe and even Russia. And they weren’t ‘Jews’, which are descendants of the Tribe of Judah. They came from the ten ‘lost tribes’, you contemporary–confused ‘christians’ sometimes call them. They weren’t lost. They never were! They simply lost their national identity. And Yahweh saw to that too! See 2 Kings, chapter 7. Study it! Christ called them ‘lost’ because they were like the majority of us; that is, lost, as in-the-dark-lost.]

God’s decree against The City His Name once dwelt–––and we messed it all up! Our leaders did! And by virtue of the fact that we as ‘sheople’ today are still Biblically Ignorant, we messed it up too! Question is: Who is our Shepherd today?

See Matthew 23:38 again–––“Behold, your house is left unto you desolate.” See verse 37 to correctly ascertain who or what Christ was referring. Jerusalem will never be a holy city again until it is re–established by Christ Himself–––as New Jerusalem (just around the corner folks).

Again, we usurped His Authority! It would serve you well to dwell on that, and to consider the implications of your overall standing before the Creator being as how most of you profess to know Him! If you don’t know His Word, you don’t know Him or His Christ–––straight out of His Word! Believe what you want to believe. That, my friends, is The Truth!

So, what are your thoughts? And, I prefer not to read about False Tribulation and Anti–Christ Theories, okay?

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Answer by Hairytic
America is a nation founded by free masons and its people have been deluded into blind consumerism to the point most of them have sold their soul to the image of the American dream that never happened .. welcome to the American nightmare ..

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