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Hotwire’s secret feature saves you money on hotels

Looking to save money on hotels? Try a hot deal. Hotwire won’t reveal the name of the exact hotel you’ll be getting until after you’ve booked but they’ll usually give you a clue that’s almost 100% correct. An example is when you we looked up Las Vegas hotels we were shown a hotel described as “4-star Casino Hotel in Las Vegas Convention Center – Country Club area” then later Hotwire states if you click the listing “Book soon! The last person got the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino.” The rate was $45.00 per night! Incredible savings and not once out of hundreds of hotel bookings with Hotwire was the “last person got” hotel mentioned not booked. You can save up to 70% on rack rates!

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Has music ever actually been destroyed through ignorance or repression?

Question by Kalibasa: Has music ever actually been destroyed through ignorance or repression?
I don’t mean “butchering” music through poor interpretation, or shoddy composing like you-know-what. I mean actually destroying music, for example by burning manuscripts or trying to eradicate pieces (even if it isn’t successful). Have you ever heard of anything like this?

I’m wondering, because it has happened many times with art and a few times with literature; I don’t even know whether it’s possible to destroy music, but it seems possible if the work is unpublished. Here are some of the worst art tragedies I’ve ever heard:

-The Russian Czars cutting up great medieval Flemish tapestries for use as seat cushions
-The Turks storing gunpowder in the Parthenon (yeah, it *used* to be perfectly preserved)
-The Vatican melting the bronze roof of the Pantheon in the 1600’s to make altarpieces
-The Iraqi Museum (don’t believe the US government- it was not just “a bunch of pots,” it was 6000-year-old masterpieces from the Fertile Crescent)

Has music ever been destroyed in such a way? Or do you think it’s impossible to destroy music in the same way as art? I remember something about Shostakovich hiding scores during Stalin’s purges, but I don’t know whether they were his own music or whether they were Bach’s WTC… ?

Suggested Category: Business & Finance > Corporations
OK, thanks!, but maybe I should be more specific. I know about the Chinese Communists and Nazi Germany, but does anyone know if they actually succeeded in destroying all traces of the music? Even if China banned Western art, it didn’t “destroy” it- but the Soviets may have really destroyed great music. And the Nazis- ?? I doubt all those works were copied elsewhere…

[I forgot the Maya Codices! Destroyed by the Spanish because they were “Books of the Devil”- grrr… I agree on the Native Americans, but wasn’t the Lighthouse of Alexandria an accident? Still a tragedy though :)]

Best answer:

Answer by nope
I’m fine and how are you?

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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music experts, recommend me punk/alternative with a similar sound to songs from the following list:?

Question by ziggy: music experts, recommend me punk/alternative with a similar sound to songs from the following list:?
1. “barely legal,” “take it or leave it,” “hard to explain” by the strokes
2. “hate to say i told you so” and “i’m a wicked one” by the hives
3. “jukebox lean” by new bomb turks
4. “the plan” and “blonde on blonde” by nada surf
5. “seven nation army” and “icky thump” by the white stripes
6. “ride” by the vines
7. “electric shake” by be your own pet
8. “two more years” by bloc party
9. “possum kingdom” and “tyler” by the toadies
10. “everybody’s smokin chiba” by the donnas
11. “i bet you look good on the dance floor” by arctic monkeys
12. “my gto” by teengenerate
13. “reset” by plastic tree
14. “under the paving stones” by the like
15. “tonite it shows” and “vampire blues” by mercury rev
16. “galaxy” by curve

be knowledgeable of the songs i mentioned and tell me songs and bands i dont know of with a sound thats similar to any of the songs in the list

think outside the box

maybe one or two songs are softer, more quiet, but this is mostly things with a beat

tell me new things
thanks for recommendations, i checked them out and am still looking for more

yes you can recommend me old things too
i like the ramones, “hooligans” by the oppressed, “modern world” and “in the city” by the jam, “beverly hills” by the circle jerks, “the money will roll right in” by fang, “lust for life” by iggy pop, “funtime” by the stooges, i like the misfits, i like the ziggy stardust cover by bauhaus, “bela lugosi’s dead” and “in the flat fields” by bauhaus, “head-on” by the jesus & mary chain, the pixies, “i will follow” by u2, “my favorite room” by the lime spiders, “still in hollywood” by concrete blonde, “i felt like a gringo” by the minutemen, “just (you do it to yourself” and “creep” by radiohead, nirvana, “disconnect” by rollins band, the b52’s, “disappear here” by peach, “blueprint” by fugazi, “i’m only happy when it rains” by garbage, “violet” by hole, “black hole sun” and “outshined” by soundgarden, “nosferatu man” by slint, “killing in the name of” by rage against the ma
etc “a date with the night” and “y control” by the yeah yeah yeahs

i know supermassive black hole, i’ve seen mtv +vh1

looking for what leans more to rock and punk than a pleasant, bubble-gummish pop sound

i know the wipers, thanks, u can recommend old stuff too
thanks annie – i like “love on a tuesday” by neutral milk hotel and i am not big on modest mouse. dont like “king of carrot flowers” and “2 headed boy”
i’ll check out your recommendations
SeriouSam, not what i’m looking for. i checked it out.
annie, i liked bertie blackman.

the guy who recommended the wipers is closer to what i want. listen to the voices and singing styles of the songs i mentioned in the list, also its mostly driving, rocking guitars. for future answerers, more in that direction please. i want a driving rock beat with voices similar to the singers in my list.

avril lavigne and queens of the stone age are not my idea of rock.
annie, i cant find the bands rubycon, goodfellas, the smoke, last dinosaurs, so i dont know what i think of them

i have limewire

Best answer:

Answer by MakeABanana
Wipers – “Can This Be?”

Give your answer to this question below!

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The Oscars, Lunafest, European Independent Film Festival, ?music Make Money, Showbiz Expo Highlight March Events

European Resorts
by UggBoy♥UggGirl [ PHOTO : WORLD : SENSE ]

The Oscars, Lunafest, European Independent Film Festival, ?music Make Money, Showbiz Expo Highlight March Events

The Oscars, Lunafest, European Independent Film Festival, …music Make Money, Showbiz Expo Highlight March Events

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Home Page > Marketing > Press Releases > The Oscars, Lunafest, European Independent Film Festival, …music Make Money, Showbiz Expo Highlight March Events

The Oscars, Lunafest, European Independent Film Festival, …music Make Money, Showbiz Expo Highlight March Events

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Posted: Mar 03, 2010 |Comments: 0


This year at the Durango Independent Film Festival, a special filmmaker panel will be titled, “Avatar and the Use of 3-D in Narrative Film”, and will be held at Jean-Pierre Bakery and Wine Bar in Durango. There are also many parties at the festival, which runs through March 7, including Welcome the Filmmakers Party & Sutcliffe Wine Tasting. In Toronto, the World of Comedy Film Festival presents comedy films from around the world showcasing films of the genre from both Canadian and International filmmakers, and classic comedy favorites, through March 7. The Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Film Festival, organized by the Science Fiction Club of Athens, Greece, had its roots as a retrospective of  Greek genre short films but has now become international in scope. The festival runs March 4-10 in Athens. The Miami Film Society in association with Miami Dade College’s School of Entertainment & Design Technology, and the University of Miami’s School of Communication, opens the Miami International Film Festival, March 5-14, hosting a festival format that presents the REEL Seminar Series, with dialogue from speakers discussing various aspects of the creative process of film production and financing to distribution and new technologies, and continues the Encuentros Program, started in 2003 to import commercially viable projects from both Spain and Latin America to Miami. PitchMarket 2010 in Vancouver, on March 6-7, promises the opportunity to meet decision makers from every level — big budget studio execs to low-budget indie producers — creating opportunities for networking as in the Sunday Networking Breakfast in the Sunday PitchMarket, and the Oscar Wrap Party with a full dinner menu held on closing night. PitchMarket is making a list of confirmed executives available on its Facebook page.

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards, also known as The Oscars, will be broadcast live from Los Angeles over the ABC Television network beginning at 8 pm Eastern, 5 pm Pacific time. Across the U.S., sanctioned viewing parties will be given, produced by local nonprofit organizations with the active participation of the local ABC-TV affiliate station. The Oscar Night® America events, are held under the auspices of the Academy, capturing the festive atmosphere of the official program taking place at The Kodak Theater. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will serve as co-hosts of the 82nd Awards. LUNAFEST, the fundraising film festival dedicated to promoting awareness about women’s issues, highlighting women filmmakers, and bringing women together in their communities, opens exactly on the day of International Women’s Day, March 8, offering just one of many events taking place in the month honoring women and women’s achievements. The Tenth Annual International Film & TV Summit looks at the role of banks and specialized finance companies in providing financing for film production, and how to obtain financing to get independent feature films made, distributed and marketed in challenging economic times. It meets in Los Angeles from March 8-9. This year at the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, in addition to usual conference lectures, panels, tutorials and round-tables, the twelfth annual Independent Games Festival, where new, unpublished games compete for the attention of the publishing community, is also taking place, along with the tenth annual Game Developers Choice Awards. Many parties and networking functions will be held, including the iPhone Games Summit Reception. The Center for Asian America Media hosts the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival (SFIAAFF) every March as a showcase for new Asian American and Asian films, this year running from March 11-21. The opening night gala and reception at the Asian Art Museum, treats its guests with free-flowing desserts and drinks.

The Opening Night Filmmakers Reception and Cocktail Party for the Honolulu Film Festival, given along the shores of Waikiki Beach, from March 12-14, is held from Tiki’s Grill and Bar. After three days of film screenings, special Hawaiian premieres, celebrity tributes, interactive panel discussions, a screenplay competition, a filmmaker reception luau, there will be a Closing Night Awards Ceremony to close the festival at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Beach Resort. While the ÉCU goal for the European Independent Film Festival is to bring worldwide attention to European independent filmmakers, there are also four foreign categories open to independent filmmakers from the Americas, Africa and Asia. And to make the ÉCU Film Festival a rewarding film festival experience for all during its run in Paris, March 12-14, festival goers can attend editing workshops given by AVID, screenwriting labs hosted by Scriptshark, join in on discussion panels just as attending directors  have the opportunity to speak about their films at the “Speak to the Directors” panel sessions, and get hands-on experience with the latest filmmaking technology. South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Conference and Festival will be conducted in three parts: Interactive, on March 12-16; Film, on March 12-20; Music, on March 17-21. Regarded as a place of discovery and interactivity, the event in Austin offers multiple networking opportunities and immersion into the art and business of the areas it addresses. The 24th annual South By Southwest Barbecue and Softball Tournament, happens Sunday, March 21, at Monroe “Lefty” Krieg softball complex. A March 13 New York workshop, titled, “Hit Factory: Making Your Music Make Money”, will use the morning hours to present “Understanding Your Market”; helping to develop individual business strategies, followed by the afternoon session that will continue with “Making The Hits”, then finish with “Selling the Hits”. Songs by workshop attendees will be reviewed and all attending are encouraged to either bring their song recordings on an iPod or a CD.

BMI is a co-sponsor of The Latin Rock Conference, a platform of selection and promotion of up and coming Latin Rock bands. The conference will begin a rock tour that moves through various music halls of Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn to select the ten best Latin bands in New York that will go on to play in the Grand Concert at Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, in July. The 2010 winning band will travel to Colombia to participate in “Rock al Parque” (Rock to the Park) in Bogota, one of the largest concerts of this music in this country. The Bermuda International Film Festival takes place in Hamilton, March 19-25, and is recognized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a qualifying festival for the Short Film Academy Award, screening some 30 shorts plus seven documentary features and seven narrative features in competition. The Delray Beach Film Festival gets started this year March 22-28, and has a short screenplay competition, sidebar programs dedicated to 3D films, music videos, environmental films, and surf and extreme sports films. But this year at Delray will also feature Ellen Jacoby of Ellen Jacoby Casting International presenting a casting workshop, and Michelle Hillery from the Palm Beach Film and Television Commission hosting a filmmaker brunch. Women’s International Film & Arts Festival, held annually during Women’s History month, WIFF 2010 will include nine days of film viewings, from March 26 through April 3, in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties, along with workshops, panel discussions and parties to celebrate women’s history month and WIFF. ShowBiz Expo New York offers  a wide range of networking opportunities including the Exhibit Hall, Workshops/Seminars, Designers’ Showcase, Focus Groups, Round Table Discussions, Film Festival, Headshot Displays for casting, live auditions for performers, Movie Reel Showcase, Original Music Showcase, and much more. The Association for Performing Arts & Entertainment Professionals opens its annual United States Institute for Theatre Technology in Kansas City, March 31 through April 3. The conference is geared specifically to the design, production, and technology professionals in the performing arts and entertainment industry, and this year will celebrate 50 years with a special anniversary party.

The above events are only a sample of what is fully listed. Complete details are on the “Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events” page. Video and podcast versions of this news summary are also available at popular video sites around the Web like MySpace, YouTube, Daily Motion, as well as on The Actor’s Checklist podcast blog. Follow the posting of the news summary on Twitter. After a brief layoff for restructuring purposes, the video news summary looks to make an early reappearance this month featuring new video and upcoming album release from UK’s soulful, break beat songstress Bukola, electronic, ambient music producers and feature filmmakers, Padded Cell Productions of Toronto, and the “spiritual fusion acoustic sitar experimental chanting spoken word improvisation”  of Scot Aaron and Govinda Schlegel who form Shaman Strings. These videos are now available on the Free Home Video Showcase which now serves as an archive for all past video presentations but without the audio news narration.

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From December 8-10, you can gather your dancing friends and head down to a Hollywood ABC TV studio to dance (club style) on national television. This casted show is taped in advance so you can actually watch yourself on TV as you ring in the new year of 2011…


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Durango Songwriters, BFI Fest, Variety Summit, CMJ 2010, Billboard Conference, Highlight October Media and Entertainment Industry Networking Events

At this year’s Chicago International Film Festival, October 7-21, ‘Stone’, directed by John Curran, with Robert De Niro and Edward Norton, will be screened, and following the screening VIP ticket holders will be treated to a reception with a full bar and appetizers at theWit Hotel…


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Popkomm 2010, SCENEPR!, Film Society of Lincoln Center, Pop Montreal, Highlight September Media and Entertainment Industry Networking Events

BMI will present its President’s Award to founding member of the Black Eyed Peas,, at the 10th Annual Urban Awards ceremony. The BMI President’s Award is presented on unique occasions recognizing an individual who has distinctly and profoundly influenced the entertainment industry. This honor celebrates’s work as an artist, producer, and humanitarian…


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The annual Casual Connect Seattle, from July 20-22, brings together knowledgeable experts in the casual gaming field to further the casual games industry through networking and learning. For instance, a Pre-Funk Party sponsored by ChaYoWo Games happens at Triple Door on July 19…


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Jul 06, 2010

CMA Music Festival, Tony Awards, Los Angeles Film Festival, Sexy International Paris Film Festival, JazzAscona

The Billboard Country Music Summit opens June 7-8 in Nashville, and is co-presented by the Country Music Association. In a key event, Grammy Award-winning Kansas native Martina McBride takes part in a Keynote Q&A interview with Wade Jessen, Senior Chart Manager, Billboard, discussing her career, her take on the current state of the music business, and her personal observations about career longevity.


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Buddhist Film Festival, GameSoundCon 2010, Festival de Cannes, Jazz Foundation Benefit, DocMiami Film Festival

The Festival de Cannes has celebrated cinema for more than 60 years, and this year holds its festivities May 12-24, in Cannes. Festival de Cannes offers programmes and events which enable festival goers to discover its offerings differently, including…

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2010 French Quarter Festival, Nab Show, Country Music Awards, Tribeca Film Festival, Focal Awards, Highlight April Media Industry Events

The Beverly Hills Film Festival, a competition festival dedicated to showcasing non-studio films and screenplays of emerging filmmakers in the city generally recognized as the headquarters for VIPs to the motion picture industry, is now in its tenth year…


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What is the background music that plays whenever “Scrubs” cuts to a commercial on Comedy Central?

Question by LSAT3434: What is the background music that plays whenever “Scrubs” cuts to a commercial on Comedy Central?
Whenever “Scrubs” cuts to a commerical on Comedy Central, this song plays in the background…kind of like a funk, bass-line groove (while they show a clip of Elliot and Turk doing their “handshake”). Just wondering if anyone knew if that was a section of a more well-known song or the name/artist. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by traveler
the themesong to nightcourt

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If ya know the answer to this question, then you know your music.?


Question by JiveSly: If ya know the answer to this question, then you know your music.?
A few years ago, Will Smith released a song called ” Just Cruisin’ “.
Although the lyrics of the song were his, the beat was not. Another song had been released some time before with the exact same beat. That song was probably called “Cruising” or “Just Cruising”.

Who sang the original song? If ya know this, you are good man!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Wu Zi

What do you think? Answer below!

5 comments - What do you think?  Posted by - December 14, 2010 at 2:02 am

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