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Should Turkey Be Punished for Making Mischief in the Middle East?

Question by dolphin314etc: Should Turkey Be Punished for Making Mischief in the Middle East?
Organizing the flotilla and lending it ships has got to be considered an act of callous and cynical mischief. It’s what people do if they think there will be no consequences for them. If there are no consequences from this malicious manipulation of radical activists by Turkey, the 16 large wealthy Arabs states that surround Israel (none of which agree to take in any Arab Palestinians) will be emboldened.

If there’s going to be punishment, it can’t be by the USA. The world does not need a policeman, it needs a police force. So, NATO probably should do the punishing, or possibly the UN (if it weren’t such an upside-down organization)., or possibly the World Bank.

Turkey needs to come out behind on this deal. So that the harm to Turkey from the punishment is greater than the extra goodwill it gets from fellow Arab states for sticking its thumb in the eye of the West.

There has to be a penalty and ideally it should be well distributed among the Turkish people so that at all levels they realize that Turkey did a bad thing.

It’s not just the 17 people that got killed or hurt. This was a tear in the fabric of order in the world. It was 100% perfectly gratuitous. Israel offerred to deliver the authentically humanitarian supplies, if there were any, to the Gaza strip. The flotilla was 100% violent gratuitous provokation designed to establish a precedent whereby goods could be delivered to Gaza without prior inspection by Israel.

Once that precedent was set, there would be no more national security for Israel. Whether or not this particular group of ships contained missiles and bombs, it had to be stopped, and so the Turks initiated a series of actions that necessarily would culminate in a violent confrontation in which somebody was likely to be killed.

This was callous and manipulative mischief. No nation associated in any way with NATO would do such a deed. No nation expecting loans from the World Bank would do such a deed. No one knows what to expect of the UN, except we do know that USA has a veto, so upside-down as they may be, their action will not amount to much. Israel has a right under the UN Charter to defend itself. Israel did not attack Turkey here, Turkey attacked Israel — anyone who can’t see that must be on mind altering drugs like religion.

What punishment would be fair and effective in this case so that Turkey “gets” the lesson?

What will happen if Turkey goes unpunished for this act of perfidy?

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Answer by Wise Guy
Absolutely nothing will happen to Turkey , Greece , Ireland or Israel. Israel will be condemned heavily , ambassadors will be expelled and so on , nothing major will come of this.

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Why Turkey wants to Join the EU?

Question by Robert: Why Turkey wants to Join the EU?
Joining EU has several advantages but the turkish culture and lifestyle is very different from the european one.

Yes there are cool modern turks but they are just the minority, i just got back from Istanbul this morning and it’s really an amazing place but shocking too.

Based on what we see on the news and Internet, you will have the Idea that Turkey is very western and secular because they follow the “Lacite”. But It’s really Not, I went to Istanbul (Asian and European), Izmir, Bursa, Izmit and Yaluva (excuse my spelling) and most men are very conservative and 65% to 70% of their women wear those colorful headscarves.

Why don’t they Try Joining the Arab Union or Islamic union?
I know you guys aren’t Arab but i have been to Egypt and Syria, Turkish people have very similar habits and lifestyle.
Guys I’m not talking about skin color or religion. Joining the EU means turks became europeans and can enter any european country without a visa.

This will cause a cultural clash since the turkish culture is very diff. from the european one.

Many countries are doing very well without joining the EU, and the real reason of Turkey’s joining the EU is getting closer to Europe not for economical reasons since it’s already having better economy than many european countries.

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Answer by Moldy
because it will open its markets to European goods, without paying tariffs and all its people can freely move to any EU country without a passport

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Q&A: If you had to choose between the two, would you classify Turkey as European or Asian?

Question by : If you had to choose between the two, would you classify Turkey as European or Asian?
Although they are politically aligned with Europe and the Western World, I personally consider Turkey to be Asian for the following reasons:

1) The Asian portion of Turkey (Anatolia) comprises roughly 97% of the country’s geographical area and is home to approximately 87% of its population (with around 11 000 000 people living in Thrace, the European portion of Turkey – compared to 67 000 000 living in Anatolia).
2) Out of a population of nearly 78 000 000 people, Turkey is comprised of 58 000 000 ethnic Turks – the descendants of Turkic migrants from Central Asia and the indigenous inhabitants of Anatolia. There are also around 12 500 000 Kurds, an ethnicity indigenous to central Mesopotamia (in a region dubbed “Kurdistan” spanning four different countries). There are several other Eurasian minorities living in Turkey, around half of which can be genealogically traced to Asia.
3) Turkey is culturally and historically tied to the Middle East. Their general appearance more closely resembles that of Arabs, Persians, Kurds, etc. This is a picture of the Turkish diaspora in Belgium:

Do you agree or disagree with my reasoning?
The Middle East is conisdered to be almost synonymous with Western Asia.

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Answer by I’m just that guy™

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I’ve read that there is alot of tension between Turkey & the U.S. over some incident 90 years ago. Who cares?

Question by eric_a_53: I’ve read that there is alot of tension between Turkey & the U.S. over some incident 90 years ago. Who cares?
I didn’t mean to be blunt by saying “Who cares” but I was running out of characters. The incident in question apparantly concerns a mass killing by the Ottoman Turks around World War I. What I meant to ask is if this happened 90 years ago why is it so important that we must now condemn this act as genocide and risk what in the Turkish government’s own words would “severely and irrepairably damage” our relationship with that country. Sure, let’s piss off the only muslim country that actually likes us and is a very important ally in the region. While I don’t mean to trivialize whatever happened nor condone it the fact is that it happened 90 years. Why is it so important that the United States must pass a formal resolution condemning the act?
I apologize if I have angered anyone connected to the situation. I merely trying to understand what it was all about. Now that I think about it sounds as if it would be like denying that the Holocast happened simply because Germany is our ally. Unfortunately the world is not as black and white as some would like to think that it is and sometimes politics makes strange bedfellows. Having said that, however, history has also taught us that when you lay down with dogs you wind up with fleas.

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Answer by Umma K
Maybe it’s not such a huge deal to you because it wasn’t a group of suburban families that were killed, but Ottoman Turks who you knew nothing about.
The people want resolution, and that’s understandable.

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Why Turkey uses Chemical Weapons against Kurdish people?

Question by Democratic: Why Turkey uses Chemical Weapons against Kurdish people?
Why is Turkey using chemical weapons against Kurdish people and Kurdish rebels?

German weekly Der Spiegel reported on its website Thursday that it had obtained photographs showing the bodies of fighters from the Kurdistan Workers’ Party that had been killed by chemical weapons. The report, which is based on a report published over the weekend, claims German experts have examined and confirmed the photographs’ authenticity.

According to the report, the horrifying images show burned, maimed and scorched body parts. Kurdish human rights activists believe the people in the photos are eight members of the PKK underground, who were killed in clashes with the Turkish military.

The report said the photographs were transferred to a forensics lab and were examined by experts from Hamburg University Hospital. Expert Hans Baumann confirmed the initial suspicion that it is highly probable the eight Kurds died “due to the use of chemical substances.”

This is not the first time Turkey is suspected of using chemical weapons, in violation of the international treaty to which it is a signatory. Such suspicions have led German politicians to call for an independent international probe into the matter.

Gisela Penteker, a Turkey expert with the international medical organization International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, noted that Turkey has been suspected of using chemical weapons for years. “Local people have said that again and again,” she explained. Finding proof is difficult, however, she said, because bodies were often released so late that it was hardly possible to carry out a thorough autopsy.

What can we do to stop them?

Additional details:,7340,L-3935422,00.html,1518,711536,00.html

and many other source, which I don’t have space to put them…
I’m still looking at the pictures. . . . . .

I’ve read the Spiegel that said maybe they are the ordinary Kurdish people and NOT the PKK fighters!!!!

From Spiegel:
1) “The victims are scarcely even recognizable as human beings”.
yet they are identified as PKK !!!

I think It must be investigated by the UN.

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Answer by Random Person
1 reason is because turkey’s goverment is corrupt from lebanese and iraqi terrorrist gangs

2. If turkey doesn’t kill kurds and respects them iran will wage war on turkey along with iran’s influence over certain people in iraq and saudi arabia.

Think about it this way america has to always wage war on countries or else people won’t take america seriously as a superpower. Sure european countries can be neutral along with canada but america can never be netural in every war. Then america will be considered a Mini-superpower and the world will have 6 super powers(England, America, France,Australia, Germany, Japan) instead of 1 hyperpower.

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Do liberal secular muslims in Turkey give you some hope for the middle east?

Question by trovalta_stinks_2: Do liberal secular muslims in Turkey give you some hope for the middle east?
And yes I know Turkey is not in the middle east. Maybe these guys can show those muslim conservatives over there some common sense.


ISTANBUL, Turkey –Some 700,000 Turks waving the red national flag flooded central Istanbul on Sunday to demand the resignation of the government, saying the Islamic roots of Turkey’s leaders threatened to destroy the country’s modern foundations.

“They want to drag Turkey to the dark ages,” said 63-year-old Ahmet Yurdakul, a retired government employee who attended the protest.

Sunday’s crowd chanted that the presidential palace was “closed to imams.”

In the 1920s, with the Ottoman Empire in ruins, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk imposed Western laws, replaced Arabic script with the Latin alphabet, banned Islamic dress and granted women the right to vote.
The ruling party, however, has supported religious schools and tried to lift the ban on Islamic head scarves in public offices and schools. Secularists are also uncomfortable with the idea of Gul’s wife, Hayrunisa, being in the presidential palace because she wears the traditional Muslim head scarf.

“We don’t want a covered woman in Ataturk’s presidential palace,” said Ayse Bari, a 67-year-old housewife. “We want civilized, modern people there.”

It’s a start. By the way, I did do some research and the people who planned the protested were LEFT of center groups.

If somebody believes in seperation of religion and state and that there should be no religious tests for office, then they are secular. Secular need not mean atheist.

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Answer by gerardo B
We can only hope for the bset

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