Where can I find a REAL deal on Disneyland 3-day park hopper passes?

by zen

Question by Adam Sternberg: Where can I find a REAL deal on Disneyland 3-day park hopper passes?
I want to plan a vacation for my wife and I to Disneyland on January 1-3. I’ve done a lot of research on hotels and Disneyland 3-day hopper passes but am shocked to find that there are no real deals out there. I’ve done tons of searches online for packages but on virtually every single website I go to their “discount” prices are identical, if not HIGHER than what I can get just booking on the hotel website and I even contacted, which is a supposed travel agent specializing in Disney packages and they were $ 300 MORE than just me spending 15 minutes doing it myself. It’s really frustrating.

Anyway, we will be driving in from Las Vegas so we are not California residents, aren’t in the military, don’t belong to AAA, etc. I did look on eBay but all the passes there are really hokey where you have to rent the tickets and jump through a bunch of weird hoops which we don’t feel safe with plus it’s an extra hassle. We just want to find a place who can actually get us a deal on a 3 day hopper with hotel within walking distance of the park, first choice being the Camelot Inn across the street. Booking it on our own right through the Disney site and hotel site, the rates are $ 184 per ticket for Disney and $ 250 (including fees and taxes) for the two nights at the hotel so please respond if you know of a website or travel agent that can really beat that. Thanks!

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Answer by OC1999
They have times of the year for everyone where you get extra days on multi-day tickets. Such as if you buy a 3-Day ticket you get 2-Days as a bonus(for a total of 5). But any of these type of “deals” are for the off-season. They rarely(if ever) just discount the multi-day tickets beyond the standard Advanced Purchase Price($ 184). Since you are going when it is still technically in the Holiday period, as the Christmas activities and entertainment is going on though the 3rd, this is probably about as good as you are going to get.

For hotels right across the street the $ 125 a night total cost is pretty close to the lowest price. There are Motels farther out that you can probably get in the under $ 100 range after all of the taxes, but then you are either going to have to drive to Disneyland or take one of the ART Shuttles.

You are correct about E-bay or other “Grey Market” tickets. Because tickets are only allowed to be used by the same person each and every day, so if you ran into any problems Disney will not assist you.

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